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  1. Ok I'll try this but wouldnt be my computer because the internet symbol will go away and then where it says wifi will just completely dissapear
  2. Let me start by saying my Internet will randomly drop and I'll be playing a game and I'll either get kicked and have to wait 5 mins to reconnect or, in games like rocket league I'll get 30 second ping spikes of around 1000 ping... so that's the problem. So I have a Netgear Nighthawk ac1900 usb3.0 network adapter and I've tried using it in my case USB 3 ports, my motherboard USB3, USB3.1, and Normal USB ports and it will still drop... my connection doesnt always drop but it does randomly and usually at least 3 times a day I'm not sure if it's a computer side or a problem with the adapter... I can say though my computer thinks from time to time that the adapter is a ejectable USB device and wants me to eject it before I remove it sometimes... so if anyone can help me find a solution or if I should buy a new USB network adapter or a PCIE network adapter... Thanks!
  3. Cpanza1

    What Network Card Should I Get???

    Ok thanks I'll look into that or a newer model
  4. I need a better internet card for my computer and it needs to have really good range, I dont know what's the best so I need help... I think its pcie that is the best but right now I have a network adapter that connects to my computer via usb3.0 so if anyone can help me thatd be great thanks!
  5. Cpanza1


    Yeah my brother and 2 others but they dont use much
  6. Cpanza1


    We pay for 1000 mbps and on my pc I can download stuff perfectly fine but gaming and using discord is very spotty like in csgo for example I could play for 2 hrs without a problem then I would start getting connection interrupted disconnecting in 30 secs over and over again and I cant plug it in I'm pretty far away from the router
  7. Cpanza1


    I can tell you now it's very spotty because I'll have 40 ping on discord and all the sudden all have 300 and full red bars
  8. Cpanza1


    My internet is pretty slow and very spotty it doesnt reach my room so we got a network extender, I think our router is pretty good it's a netgear nighthawk x6 r8000 and our modem is like an at&t one that we got for free I think, and it's pretty old so I'm not sure if it's our router or the fact that we have a free router what should I do???? Or is it just my own network adapter for my computer?? Should I get a new modem, router, or network adapter for my computer and the network adapter is a netgear nighthawk AC1900
  9. My friend has a GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard and i was helping him find a new cpu and right now he has a fx 6300 and i was wondering if a fx 9590 was too power hungry for this mobo... if so could it be undervolted to work, or should he just go for a fx 8350 black? thanks.
  10. Cpanza1

    Help With SSD's!

    I am looking to get an ssd for my rig which is about 11 months old, so a fairly new gaming rig and right now I have 2 mechanical drives with 3Tb of storage I am looking for a m.2 ssd for my computer and wanted to know if anyone could give me a step by step guide on how I would be able to boot from the ssd and move game files over to the ssd, also if anyone thinks I should get a samsung drive or corsair, Thanks!