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  1. so the problem persists any ideas? on how to deal with it for me it doesnt make any sense but how could he do it
  2. currently testing copying a 2gb video file since its easy to spot a corrupted video because it chops and you cant scroll through it, currently is at 2.5mb/s but with no slowdowns usually it dropped a lot after the 100mb-120mb mark. but its steady at 2.50mb/s so i think its a good sign? hopefully this can solve somone elses problem i used diskpart selected the drive cleaned it with the clean command and formatted to ntfs format it was fat32 i think the only difference is the 4gb cap in fat32 right?
  3. so i bought 100 8gb usb sticks, and the transfer rate is super slow(2-3mb/s) so when you get past 100mb all the files get corrupted so i went to a "data recovery center" in my country with one to see if they could help. so i dont know how he did it but now it works. the transfer rate is still very slow but the whole 8gb are fine no corrupted data i would do it with all them but the truth is the service is too expensive for all the usb sticks he said something about the raw partion in them if that gives you guys a clue the sticks were ment to be a gift for a giveaway in a local mall im organizing and now im stuck with a whole lot of dead usb drives, i really need the help the event is next month currently i cleaned the disk with diskpart and atempting to fromat to see if that helps. sorry for any grammar errors english is not my language. any ideas what could be the problem?