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  1. The PSU is Corsair's AX850 80 Plus Titanium, the cables with this are cased in hard sleeves so looking for an alternative and main color is white. Found 2 kits not entirely sure what gen / type I'm after ... cablemod-classic-modmesh-c-series-cable-kit-corsair / corsair-premium-individually-sleeved-psu-cables-pro-kit-type4-gen4-white ?
  2. Thanks for the replies. The dust atm builds up a lot in the space of 2 days, not looking to get the room dust free sorry for the misleading topic but somehow less than it is. Also interested to know how others cope with it. I can run a diffuser that creates a slight mist a while before I clean just to make less scattering of the dust. Any other tips ?
  3. Anyone looked into how to keep a room dust free ? Considering getting an air purifier.
  4. Why won't the Wacom Cintiq Pro work on PC with USB-C but does on a Laptop ?
  5. Ok, I'll take your word for it.
  6. I have a Logitech z5500 for gaming and movies, these will only be for anything else.
  7. So are any of these system temp ? At the moment I have all fans depending on CPU.
  8. Trying to find where these are for slightly more optimal cooling, I'm assuming they are part of the motherboard ...
  9. Need a smaller fan for the NH-D15, the middle one is fine but either side of the sync has very little room so wasn't able to put the second fan in. Any suggestions ?
  10. At the moment my desktop speakers stay on but are not powered when pc shuts down, so trying to find speakers that will shutdown when not in use. Any suggestions ?
  11. Just hit a snag which was completely unaware of. I've installed Ubuntu and downloaded MSI Dragon Center but it's an exe, so far doesn't look like I can install it in Ubuntu however what about using Wine ? Also can I use Corsair iCue etc ?
  12. espr3ss0

    All LL120 ?

    Ok thanks. Just noticed 1 of the fans is lighting up but not spinning and can't spin it freely, does this mean it's broken ?
  13. espr3ss0

    All LL120 ?

    I might have made a mistake but I've got 1 back & 3 front fans all Corsair LL120's, is this going to cause a problem ? The case is Corsair Spec 06 and no hdd's at the front so it's a really open system, just wondering if I should have more airflow.