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    I7 8700k
  • RAM
    32gb ddr4
  • GPU
    gtx 1080ti
  • Case
    thermal take view 71
  • Storage
    samsung 960 evo

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  1. I think I will at least try the bios update
  2. sorta I did se that some people got it towork with a bios update though
  3. so I’ve got this pc and it’s has an lga 755 socket I need to put a core 2 quad q6600 in it but when I do all the fans stay super ramped up and it never even hits the bios but when I put the pentium it has in it in there it works fine any ideas why? this is the mobo number it is a pre built dell OptiPlex 520 and if any one has a work around for my issue any help is appreciated
  4. hey I want to use these for gaming and I have the options to get them cheap and was wondering if they would be good
  5. they are lightly used
  6. I already have them all
  7. so I have enough to build 3 really capable gaming pcs and wanted to know what I should pair up to make things work the best so the parts are The cpus(and such) i7 3770k ( water cooled) 16 gb ram i5 6600k ( water cooled) 16 gb ram i5 6400 (air cooled) 16 gb ram the gpus a gtx 1070 an amd rx 580 4gb and a gtx 780
  8. drake19899

    best rig set up

    ok nice thanks they are both water cooled the i7 with a double rad and the i5 with a single rad
  9. drake19899

    best rig set up

    so I was curious what parts I should pair up out of these parts intel core i5 6600k intel core i7 3770k gtx 780 gtx 950
  10. drake19899

    blue yeti not detected

    nope but it does light up
  11. drake19899

    blue yeti not detected

    I have already tried al this it didn't work
  12. drake19899

    blue yeti not detected

    can't get my blue yeti top show up in windows I have looked for drivers but cant find any can some one give them to me if they have a link but idk it basically new but idk I do know the blue yeti turns on its just not detected
  13. drake19899

    Intel optane on an sshd

    Would Intel optane work on a sshd and if it does does it deliver enough preforms ce to be worth it?
  14. drake19899

    Audio Technica vs blue

    So I was curious if I should go with a audio technica ATR2500 or a blue snowball say they both cost the same which one do I pick