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    Help me know whats wrong

    Hey! My newest build is approx 2 months old (2080ti ~1 month old.) I also got oculus rift about the same time. Windows 10 Education 64 i7 8700K@5.0GHz +h115i Pro Gainward 2080Ti Phoenix GS Asus Z370-H G.Skill RipjawsV 32Gb @ 3200MHz Seasonic 750 Focus+ Gold Ever since oculus + 2080ti was planted to my pc, I've had some issues. Lets start with 3 different blue screens: DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION after my first 2 blues I removed oculus cables from pc, but the newest still showed up (driver power state failure) Also noticed today, my task manager was showing 1-4% gpu usage while playing black ops 4, but still getting high performance/fps. Soon as I close the game gpu spiked to 100% and instantly dropped to 1-2% Also I was running avast cleanup yesterday, my pc kept freezing during it if I tried to do something else, even opening left start panel caused pc to freeze for approx 5 seconds. Maybe it was just cleanup using all my pc power, dunno.. Temps are fine btw, never go past 84C on gpu and thats absolute max where it goes. CPU mobo temps also healthy, nothing hardly goes past 80. Thanks!