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  1. 4g from Verizon but ive gotten up to 66 in a big city but I can only get 6 where I live It's also lightly raining rn
  2. Phone no hotspot on: 6 down 3.55 up Tablet connected to hotspot from the phone: .62 down and .63 up And about using a Sim the problem is it won't be uncapped or will be slowed down a lot after like 15gb
  3. The phone's mobile data is way faster than the hotspot so would this be like a hotspot but the speed of the mobile data? Also if I use Verizon for phone stuff this tower isn't going to be the same Just a few days ago I ran some speed tests on my hotspot and they all came out to like .05-.15 download and 0-.33 upload
  4. My neighbor said he has unwired and it never is slow but he doesn't mention just how fast just "it's never slow" so i don't want to spend $100/m on like 10mbps I also don't know ping times like would I have good ping when playing games?
  5. Wait fixed wireless is cellular data? So will it even be that much better than mobile hot spot?
  6. Is fixed wireless actually that bad?! I'd think it's better than satellite
  7. Yeah but then you have super bad data limits
  8. I know I don't have much to choose from but anything but satellite internet please!! Right now ive been using mobile host spot and it is super slow!! I don't know if any good wireless networking exists but please give me my options for someone with no cables in America
  9. I don't know much about networking so how does cable internet work like I get that it's a cable but is it underground or what? Because if it is I'd probably have to live in a modern city home Dang! Xfinity was $35/m for 12m and 100mbps! Ahhh it was such a good deal and i want it so bad but they use cable
  10. But like let's say... my house is 40 years and I haven't used any sort of phone line in 7 years won't the cable be old and outdated so it won't be able to support such speeds? Also what kind of upload would something like that be
  11. Is wisp internet even that good? Because they look almost as bad as satellite price and speed I mean I have a phone line yeah but is dsl that fast? And I can't even get dsl providers to work when I go to their websites
  12. Country so kind of in the middle of nowhere But not... Idk why I can't get dsl if that's just a phone line
  13. But my main question was how close do I have to live?! Like can it not go 2.5 miles?
  14. How would i know who/what the wisp is from to even buy something from it? Also what would running my own line do?
  15. Where would I get the 4g from? I thought 4g is for mobile data
  16. Every single website other than satellite internet says my address is not recognized which means I can't get internet?! How close do I have to be? I'd think 2.5 miles is close enough!
  17. ok then! i guess i'll be getting the h700
  18. Yeah ive seen that and I would get it but it doesn't come with fans meaning I'll be at like $140 after buying it then I still have to worry about there no cable space! Someone told me to get the h700
  19. anyone know if the Antec P120 is good? like in terms on airflow and overall quality?
  20. I mean the h710 isn't even a full tower and it's plenty big infact I don't want a case that big because it will + tons of money but it's ok if it doesn't have it i just like it + it's $30 over budget
  21. but you don't want to be hot and small just look at how bad the one I have now is LOL
  22. no side panel, still has that lip on the front, im broke