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Billy Hansen

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  1. Billy Hansen

    Fast RAID 5

    Thanks guys! I think I'll bite the bullet and go for RAID 10 then. I'm gonna take a riskier route and go for used HGST Deskstar NAS drives to help offset the extra cost. But I'll make sure to back up frequently and save up some extra cash to keep on hand to replace the drives as I need to.
  2. Billy Hansen

    Fast RAID 5

    Yeah, I was hoping to not go to RAID 10 since the cost of all those drives can add up quickly. But it would be nice to have those write speeds and not to have to get a beefy RAID card then. And thanks for the suggestion Mariushm, I just may get those hard drives.
  3. Billy Hansen

    Fast RAID 5

    So I'm wanting to build a NAS in the 15-20TB range. I'm hoping to use RAID 5, but I do a lot of video editing so I want to write speeds to be decent, (at least 100MBps). Does anyone have any recommendations for RAID cards that would be able to acheive this? Do things like the number of drives and how good the CPU is influence how fast writes are? Also, how important would it be to use NAS hard drives? Or could I save some money something cheaper?