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  1. How do I install the drivers, also what would it be called. Give me the full rundown please. I’m a full noob
  2. Hello I am trying to setup WiFi onto my pc without using a Ethernet cable. I have a z390-E gaming motherboard with a i7 8700k and windows 10. I need help trying to set it up, as I have plugged it in and WiFi didn’t work.
  3. Yeah I have a m.2 and a wd blue 5400 rpm SATA 6gb/s. I’m not sure if that is great. Please tell me if it is.
  4. I am attempting to build a 1920/1080 100+ FPS gaming rig while being able to stream it nicely and edit videos. I was wondering if my parts were good. I’m trying to get the most bang for my buck, and though I technically don’t have a budget, In looking to make it around 1500. cpu: i7 8700k gpu:1070ti sc mobo: z390e ram: 2x8 Corsair vengeance pro 3000mz those are the main components.
  5. I have 1500 to pay for storage, gpu, cpu, motherboard, cooler and psu. I need to know mainly what motherboard, gpu and cpu I should get
  6. I’m new and I am trying to game with BFV, fortnite and fallout 76 in 1920x1080 with good frame rates. I am also trying to stream these and later edit well. What would you recommend Cpu, Gpu and motherboard wise? I am in America with a budget of around 1500$ I already bought ram though 16gb of Corsair vengeance.
  7. I have two NZXT rgb fans, a RGB Kraken Cpu Cooler and 2 LED Strips that were included with the h500i. I am wondering if these will all fit onto the Smart Device that comes with the h500i. Please help me as this is my first build and i want everything to go smoothly.
  8. So I would need to download that software onto the pc. And Btw i will only be using 2 fans. Also if not sure if i asked this before but the original CAM would be able to control a rgb cpu cooler and the strips, right?
  9. So just to confirm i would have to buy the coolermaster pro Rgb and that could directly hook up to my motherboard. I am also wondering how i could program it to just show blue, as that is the look i am going for.
  10. So would i have to buy a cable to hook up the fans to the motherboard
  11. Does the ROG strip z370 e have rgb( thanks for ur help sorry I am so noobey)