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  1. Today's morning,I checked my server log,I found this . Someone is keep trying to login my server through ssh and telnet,what should I do? Do I need to shutdown my server?
  2. it's a server board,and may be,it is not the slot's problem,the ram has been detected,but could not use。and i replace other ram,it is ok。any way,thank you for reply。
  3. recently,my server runs in a problem,it disable the ram。the rams are ecc ram。 and when i separately put them into slots,it is ok,but,when i put them together,the bios shows the ram is present disabled.the server can pass the post.and other rams is working fine.why would it happens.and how can i do to fix the problem?by the way, the.server was built my self,so it is not possible to contact the customer servicing for help.thank you so much.
  4. You can do this.you can use nfs protocol to do this,it just like the windows share folder.you can upload or download files.And there are many open source projects on github,that can also help you. I'm sorry i have poor english.
  5. I'm sorry if i said some wrong,my english is poor.Last week,my wd hdd became very slow,and some times it report i/o errors,i check out the s.m.a.r.t of the disk,and i find error 01 and error c6,up to now ,i tried to format the disk on windows,but it stucked and then windows bluescreen.The disk is out of warranty period.I want to know ,if i can fix it my self,or i should just buy a new disk(i don't want to pay to much money to fix this drive).Do you guys have good tools to fix drives,even in dos or linux,that is ok.Please help me.Thanks a lot!