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  1. What does 1476cb at 4.3 means?
  2. The return window is 7 days fir my country and you can only return it if it has defects.
  3. I guess ill do tha (psu upgrade)t in a long time since this is a new psu. I just got it on december 2018
  4. Thank you! Will my psu still be fine with that?
  5. Im targetting a ddr4 upgrade for long term use tbh hence I am asking this
  6. I will prolly get a cpu upgrade and Im thinking of a Ruzen 2600 or the unlocked version. (It will greatly benefit me because of the 6c12t especially when editing videos and I dont want to go over that when the new gen of ryzen goes out) I dont plan to change psu either since its just new and still has warranty. current build is: i3 4160 Gtx 1070 PALIT JetStream 8gb ram Dual monitor 3 led fana 2x hdds
  7. Kingvlad

    Using nvidia DSR on 768 reso

    Thank yoh for your information guys! Ill update you guys if ever
  8. Kingvlad

    Using nvidia DSR on 768 reso

    So.... Does dsr shkrten the lifespan of the monitor or not? And if i use dsr on my 768 resolution, what is the recommended setting? I just want it to look 1080p on my 768 reso when playing LoL and Dota 2 (yup esports games on a 1070 because I still dont like to spend money on aaa games cuz im just a student)
  9. Kingvlad

    Using nvidia DSR on 768 reso

    I just found out about DSR. What is it ? I searched but few people are using it actually so I dont have any more ideas about it aside from increasing resolution during a game. Please give more infos especially thise who uses it. I have a gtx 1070 on a 768 reso (i know it is sad using a 1070 on 768 reso but im a poor student so i CAN ONLY get one part at a time, basically, im contented to 1080p reso and will only buy a good hardwares when I finally got a job) Also, I am planning to buy a 1080p monitor but im curious abput this dsr thing.
  10. Kingvlad

    Help in ugrading which part

    Thabks for you info. But I just got the 1070 from a swap with my 1050ti + cash which is a good deal for me and the guy that I swapped cards with
  11. Kingvlad

    Help in ugrading which part

    for now only 1 of the two options since its what I can afford as of now hehe
  12. Kingvlad

    Help in ugrading which part

    If I buy a ssd here in Philippines, my 2.5k budget will be gone and its only a additional 250gb.. thats why I only opt for a 7200rpm hdd
  13. Hi. I recently got a Palit GTX 1070 JetStream but I currently have a 500gb hdd and a 1366x768 resolution monitor. Can you help me what to upgrade first? A bigger hdd or a 1080p monitor? Im on a student budget build and will take some time to upgrade especially a 144hz monitor thats why I only put 1080p monitor here. On the other side, I have a small storage device. So please help me Note: My 500gb hdd is where everything is (os, files, psd, illustrator and premiere files, games, etc)
  14. So I bought a new PSU today which is the Seasonic M12ii EVO 520w 80+ bronze modular. Will it be able to run my future upgrades WITHOUT overclocking of course. I dont do overclocking. Future upgrade: Ryzen 5 1600/2600 RX580 Current specs: i3 4160 GA H81M-S1 8gb ram GTX 1050Ti 3 fans 2 7.2k hdd's Note: I prefer Ryzen chips since they are much cheaper in my country and also, I will greatly benefit from the 6 core 12 threads of the chips when I am editing videos (I am learning and practising editing videos in Premiere and AE)
  15. Kingvlad

    PSU Tier List Updated

    I3-4160 Rx580 8gb ram 2x hdd h81m-s1 i was about to get a fsp raider ii but cant find from any store. Also, i checked ob a psu watt calculator my vs450 can handle the rx580 but just to be safe i want to replace it with a psu that is Within my budget. What can you say