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  1. I went to vacation for 2 months and I came back today, when I tries to turn on the pc it jist wouldnt boot. I have been trying different configs from the bios but I get nothing... I have 2SSDs and the 250gb one is the boot drive. When I choose that drive in the boot options it still wont boot.
  2. So a friend of mine tried to clean his pc so he removed the ram sticks and the gpu and put them back in when he was done but now the pc wont boot. He said he removed the cmos battery and it worked yesterday but today he had the same problem. I told him to remove it again for 10 minutes and try turning it on but it just kept freezing on the post screen. He cant get into the bios but he can go to the boot menu for some reason. Now something else happened and he gets a thingy saying that it is entering setup and he has been waiting for like 15 minutes. Any ideas as to what happened and what he can do?
  3. So a friend of mine has this problem with steam when he logs in to his account steam just opens and shuts down after half a sec. When he tries to connect to his other account it works though. Before steam opens he gets a message saying something about Lavasoft web companion or something.Any suggestions why that is happening and how to make it work?
  4. So my friend found a gpu on facebook marketplace. the gpu is the r9 380 4gb. He is not a really big gamer and he just plays subnautica, league of legends, csgo and other popular games. That is a used card so I wanted to verify the price. What would you buy it for if you were to buy it in the first place?
  5. Does anyone know if enhanced sync from amd settings will give me a better experience in csgo? Does it actually reduce input lag and screen tearing?
  6. That is why I am just asking for a cpu only but I want the best I can get for my money
  7. Ok then lets say around 350 for Mobo, 200 for ram and a gtx1070ti
  8. Just recommend something and suppose there are NO limits on the other parts
  9. Why do you need the total budget? I am just asking for a cpu recommendation around that price I mentioned
  10. I have a high budget (kind of) and I can put 400euros on the cpu. MoBo and ram are the only things missing and I will choose those after i choose the cpu.
  11. So I am planting on streaming some games like rainbow six siege/csgo/pubg and other games so as my pc needs an upgrade, I think I should get something good for streaming at 1080p and maybe 60fps. I want to have really good framerates and over 150fps on r6s while streaming. I upgraded my gpu recently so I am ok on that side. I want an OCing cpuo for sure so I would prefer the blue team. The budget would be around 400euros for the cpu. If you are suggesting something plz say why
  12. So everytime I open google chrome and watch a video or do anything, at some point in like 2min everything i CLICK on will freeze and if i try to do anything even in windows it just wont open. After 30sec or more everything I had pressed will happen including windows functions. The problem only seems to happen on the browser though because when I do anything else on the desktop like spotify/discord/msi afterburner/steam, everything is fine. What could be the reason?
  13. UPDATE I got an error from windows saying device_manager_thread failed or something. I might have a bad cpu I think cuz 1month ago (no aio) it was actually hitting really high temps when OCed to 4.2ghz and I got it down to stock but it still would hit 90 degrees(celsius). So I am thinking of just buying better hardware like an i5-9600k with a z390 and new ram and after some time a gpu. The question is; should I just buy a used new am3+ socket cpu like the 6350 (dont need more rn) or just keep the one I am using and upgrade in a couple of months?
  14. well I had the gpu overclocked before and no problems with fps at all. I dont really know how much power the cpu and the aio use together but when i run a power supply test on occt i have no problems while its running but when i turn it off i just get black screen on the one monitor and the other one just stays frozen for 3sec...that never happened before