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  1. Nothing that important on my PC other than game accounts, and Thanks for the info
  2. Ok, well I really don't got much on my PC other than games
  3. I was downloading a texture pack for minecraft (adfly link) then some random thing pops up and it automatically downloads this "Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.B" file. Luckily Windows defender did catch it, also I canceled the download too and it never showed up in downloads folder. I did a full scan with windows defender nothing showed up but I am worried my PC may still have the virus somehow should I factory reset? Windows Defender logs - https://imgur.com/a/8ACp87A https://imgur.com/a/CwT68uZ
  4. origin doesn't do anything im leaning towards it being an origin thing, I stress tested GPU and was pretty normal so I'll test non origin games too just in case
  5. Maybe it is with the game, or origin it only happens in apex legends and BFV as of right now. on DX12 with RTX and DLSS off, performance is pretty much the same / slightly lower, but its way more unstable
  6. yea boot drive I only have an SSD for now, yes it happens in Apex legends as well too, Overwatch though is fine
  7. 2x 8gb 3600mhz DX12 is worse lower performance and more spikes
  8. Hey guys, I've been experiencing some fps drop/stutter in my games every once in a while, nothing too big or unplayable just annoying and throws off my aim. This has been happening for a while never really bothered me that much up until now. Is this happening to anyone else? is it normal to get fps spikes? I'll gladly provide more info if needed Specs - 2080 ti Driver 425.31 (tried reinstalling w/ DDU) i9-9900k 16gb ram m.2 ssd Windows 10 64bit Battlefield V 1080p DX11 Ultra detail Video time stamps: 0:02 / 0:10 / 0:36 / (just a demo video this happens more often in large fire fights, or when explosions are going off)
  9. Aight thanks, I'll try tomorrow
  10. AVX on max? isn't that a stretch? my CPU goes up to 90C so I cant leave it on that for long. (I tested the older versions of prime without it & intel XTU's stress test)
  11. no for like 1 hr is 24 hrs even necessary ?