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  1. No the music is coming from my phone not my computer
  2. Im trying to listen to music while I work that's my goal. At work I have a old Motorola walkie-talkie it has Bluetooth output we are supposed to wear a earpiece so that others can't hear what we are saying over the radio I'm allowed to use pretty much any headset I want as long as it is the in ear design what I want to do is play music through my ear piece or Bluetooth headphones while still able to talk or receive calls through the radio on the headset I don't mind carrying a dac or even buying a new head set I just want to be able to receive calls from the radio and listen to music from my phone on the headset I wear
  3. That really sucks I had my heart set on a 2700x for various reasons if I went up to a atx mb how small/portable could I make the PC do you know of a case PS thank you
  4. Dose any one know of a good rysen board that has wifi built in and a extra PCIe card itx or matx I'm starting to get the feeling that the don't make them
  5. I found a good deal on the 2700x with a price difference of $14 that mixed with the fact that the 2700x has a better cooler and can reach a slightly higher over clock then the 2700 I think it's worth it
  6. I thought the x variant was the overclocking one I may have my chips backwards
  7. The sensors for the rift work better with this card to to lanes and bandwidtd limitations plus I would need a minimum of 7 USB 3 all able to run at full usb3 speed
  8. Sorry I left out a key factor I want to put a ryzen 2700 x in it
  9. I'm looking for a motherboard that has extra PCIe slots for either a wireless HTC unit fir the Vive or a USB 3 hub high bandwidth for my Oculus rift I need this PC portable cuz I carry it around with me for work
  10. Awesome that z370m looks great know of any good cyber monday deals on it ?
  11. I'm looking to build a small-ish form factor gaming PC for cyber Monday I'm having a hard time finding a moather that has a pcie x1 slot in addition to the pcie slots for my GPU matx is perfect but they don't have built in wifi and if I use the pcie x1 for the wifi that removes the pcie slots I need for another card it would work if there was one with WiFi and a extra pcie x1
  12. So if that's the case then if the 2080 and the 1080ti are similar in price go for the newer model for future optimization