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  1. I am trying to download the repair manual for my scion tc from the Toyota Information Services, but they have it set into sections and I can't find an easy way to download the whole thing as a PDF as I am rebuilding the engine, but I don't want to continue to pay to see the repair manual. See attached picture for how the manual tree is set up. Any help is appreiciated.
  2. TheRedFox

    Password Manager

    I know I've been putting this off far longer than I should have, so please don't rip me apart for not having different passwords for everything yet, but what is the best, preferably free, password manager that you have used? I am sure there is a guide somewhere that people have used before, so please point me to it if you know of one.
  3. TL:DR Asus customer support isn’t supporting their warranty on a card shipped dead on arrival with other people having the same problem.
  4. TheRedFox

    Folding @ Home

    I am folding with a gtx 1060 as that is my main card. My father had a ti4600 from when he played games, but for the last few years it has just been sitting on a shelf. I wanted to see if I could put it to any use. Thanks anyways!
  5. TheRedFox

    Folding @ Home

    Ok thanks
  6. Could I use a Ti4600 for folding at home? If so, where can I get drivers for it? I just have this card lying around and wanted to find out if I could use it for folding@home as it currently has no other use.