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  1. Tyler11b

    founders RTX 2080 OC

    Also this is what I'm rocking now
  2. Tyler11b

    founders RTX 2080 OC

    Lol so I originally had a msi trio x 2080 but since I had no idea what I was doing I didnt know that it's almost impossible to find a waterblock for that card so I flipped that one and got the founders and I just haven't deleted it yet lol
  3. Tyler11b

    founders RTX 2080 OC

    Also does anyone use the heaven benchmark and if you have when I tried to bump up the GPU block any more I started having like red and blue almost like stars flashing on the screen I would assume that's bad so I backed it down to the last oc
  4. Tyler11b

    founders RTX 2080 OC

    Yeah I'm going to try and boost the memory it's only by 150 at the moment
  5. Tyler11b

    founders RTX 2080 OC

    ive watched a bunch of videos but basically im looking for feed back to see if this is a good overclock for a founders eddition RTX 2080 with a ek vector block and a I9 9900k ive ran tests and it seems stable
  6. Tyler11b

    rogue one pc case show off plus questions

    her instagram is dizz-the-frizz
  7. Tyler11b

    rogue one pc case show off plus questions

    My cousin is a art teacher at the college that i attend and he introduced me to one of his students that he thought would be really good her name is Storm Aiken. i think she did a fantastic job when she first showed me the concept drawings i was very impressed also she didn't use airbrush im pretty sure i think she hand painted it
  8. Tyler11b

    rogue one pc case show off plus questions

    I saw that card and it's awesome it would be perfect
  9. So i got the idea for the case from this link https://mnpctech.com/rogue-one-k-2so-toy-600c-corsair-gaming-pc.html i loved the movie and i had just gotten into pc gaming. Im also taking NET/ADMIN courses at my local college and i have a class where we make projects out of stuff with arduinos you can pretty much build whatever you want. So for my third time around i showed this to my professor this and he told me to go for it. The only thing i didnt do was the Art for the case sense im not good at it but i did the base paint and everything else. The front panel was actually 3D printed I found a file on thingiverse that people use for back drops for there action figures and took it into sketch up and just made it bigger. specs are I5 8600k 16gbs of corsair vegence rgb a msi trio RTX 2080* not overclocked yet ROG maximus hero/wifi Z390 corsair 1000w samsung 250gb evo inland 1tb ssd western digital 1tb harddrive so my question is that ive been looking at getting another 16gbs of ram and a I9 9900k ive also been looking into doing a custom loop for the cpu and gpu. Money not really being to big of a issue would i get a diffrence from the I9 and the ram upgrade the reason im thinking about upgrading the processor is i feel like im maybe getting a bottle neck. Any help would be apreciated also do they make a monoblock for the z390?
  10. Budget is around 2,000 depending on what I sell the old laptop for so maybe a but more max is probably 2,600 I'm from Illinois in the us. I'd like it to be low weight and battery life isn't a huge deal as I always plug it in when I use it most of the time anyways
  11. So I'm a college student and I spend alot of time at school but I have a lot of time in between classes and I'm looking for a gaming laptop. I have an alienware 15 and it's great the only negatives are the screen and it's just really awkward to type on. I'm looking for any suggestions on gaming laptops that feel comfortable to type on. The r15 has a 8th gen i7 16gbs of ram Gtx 1070 250gb ssd 1tb HD So spec wise I like it I also got a good deal because it was open box so I think I could get the money out of it that I put in Any suggestions?