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  1. DarkFade

    2700x and 1080ti

    Great! But do you know the power consumption when i overclock my things? I'm an amateur in overclocking,but I'll get the job done. Im just scared my overclocking will use up all 650W in my PSU
  2. DarkFade

    2700x and 1080ti

    Thanks for all the help. Unfortunately, in-win doesn't specify what PSU it is, they only say 650w gold plus.And i luckily in-win sent my case directly to the uk(They only deliver to the netherlands or US). And the in-win spec is kinda confusing, on the page where you buy the case says it 650, but in the manual it says it a 600W PSU, so they need to check this out.
  3. DarkFade

    2700x and 1080ti

    Does anyone know how much power does 2700x and 1080ti together use. If you don't, a website which I could use to estimate the power usage of my rigcould be handy dandy. If you require further details: 32gb of gskillz trident z ram. ASUS Rog X470-I In-win A1 case and the power supply that came with it (650W 80W Gold) Commander Pro RGB Hub Corsair LED 4 Corsair LL120 4TB Seagate Barrcude 2.5 inch HDD 960GB Kingston SSD 1TB 970Plus EVO m.2 SSD
  4. My laptop has a GTX 1050 ti, So I should be able to upgrade it to a GTX 1060, or at least a mini 1060