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  1. Hello. I don't know if you solved it, but I found a thread in which the culprit is a MOSFET https://www.hifivision.com/threads/jamo-sub-250-not-working.18146/ Also, there's a video of a Brazilian guy that finds a similar problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FMqcpBDbhc
  2. Hello all. I had a problem with a Sandisk pen drive some time ago: The drive became almost unusable, so I got a new one: https://www.toshiba-memory.com/es/products/toshiba-usb-flash-drives-transmemory-u363/ But running portableapps from it is excruciatingly slow. Even more than with the SanDisk. For big files it is super fast, but for small files it's like it was broken: Can this be normal?
  3. Hello all. I have a SanDisk Ultra Flair pendrive. It's USB 3.0, 64 GB. I have had it for one or two years now. It was very fast and I used it for PortableApps, but then I had the concern of persistence of logins and other data, so I encrypted it using BitLocker. After a few hours, BitLocker had finished encrypted the drive. But it became so slow it was unusable, so I reformatted it to how it was before (exFAT). Still, it remained extremely slow when writing. The read speed is normal, but writing goes down to a few kb/s, which is slower than dial-up internet! I assume it has to do with the fact that BitLocker wrote over the whole pendrive with its partition and the safety mechanisms against flash memory degradation were overriden. My question is: Is there a way to reset the drive? I've tried to make a full format under windows, but it's taking forever and I don't know if it's the right tool. Thanks
  4. Hello all. I have had a Sandisk Ultra Flair for some time now. It has always been fast enough to run portable apps from it even on USB 2.0 without any performance issues. Last week I decided to encrypt it using BitLocker. It took a few hours. It saved the data and everything, but I started getting performance issues with long-lasting freezes on the portable apps. I assumed it had to do with the encryption, so I re-formatted it. I used NTFS instead of exFAT so that I could connect it to my Synology and set it to copy almost 40gb back into it (I wanted to avoid interference from Windows processes). It took more than a whole day!!! Worried about that, I used Crystal Disk Mark to verify the transfer speed. It was depressing. When compared to a cheaper 16gb drive, it was obvious that something wasn't right. I fired up Paragon Partition Manager, erased the pen drive's partition, rebuilt the MBR and created a new exFAT partition. Then it gave me the results shown. So I thought it had been repaired, but I'm copying the files back to it and while it started at almost 9 MB/s, after a few seconds it dropped to around 200 KB/s with both large or small files. The drive has always gotten hot while working, but I have never before witnessed a perfomance loss. Do these drives degrade or throttle? Should I assume it's failed? Thanks