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    EVGA 1080 TI End of Life?

    Hi All, First time posting long time reader. So i'm in the market for a 1080 ti and I've got my heart set on a EVGA . here comes the rub. I've found some strange practices from EVGA such as the removal of the 1080 ti from EVGA product page claiming that the product line is now "End of Life". I may be naive but it seems strange to end a successful product line especially one that up until the recent RTX launch was top on the line. Wanting further answers I rang EVGA and asked the rep on the phone what was going on and if the 1080 ti was really at the end of its life. The response only raised more questions, the voice on the line went very quiet and started to speak very quickly as if hiding something. I asked for clarity and they said that yes the line was at end of life however may come back in the future... this seemed strange so i pressed for more information and found that they do have stock but are holding it back for RMA's I've also noted some of the larger distributes claiming to not have any EVGA1080 ti's then all of a sudden a large quantity would arrive with a "due to be in stock date" then within 10 minutes this would have vanished from the site. I get the feeling that EVGA is not being totally honest with its customers here. I get the feeling that this is all a poly to make people buy the RTX hardware. Has anyone else had this impression or am i going mad?