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  1. booping my post cause i still need help, last time i'll do this as to not annoy people. also i never mentioned i have 32gb or crucial balistix 3200mhz ram (4x8gb) sorry.
  2. so i built a new pc recently, i wanted brand new parts so i went out and got this intel core i7 8700k coolermaster hyper 212 evo black edition asus rog strix b360-h gaming 160gb intel ssd (2.5in and its sticker is worn so dont know the exact model) 1tb wd blue hdd (7.2k rpm) 16gb intel optane drive/ssd/unsure cause i know jack about optane gigabyte windforce oc gtx 1080 and a cooler master mb600l plus a 650w thermaltake psu (shush it was on sale dont crucify me for using TT psus i know they are garbo) well, the problem here is that the 160gb intel and the 1tb wd are both from my old rig and have windows with a bunch of irreplaceable things on it. back when i got this new pc i told myself that it would be fine and i could just plug it in to the sata ports and it would work, just had to reinstall drivers. NOPE. it detects all the drives (except the optane) in BIOS but it doesnt say that any of them are bootable. Now this is a big issue because i dont have ay way of doing, well, anything. if ayone has some ideas i would love some help on this, i dont really have time to research as college start tommorow (today, its 4AM and i just woke up) for me so i came here to see if i could get some wuick and easy help from the pros (or nerds depending on how you look at it.) FORGOT TO ADD (EDIT) BIOS Version is 2401 but i don't think thats the issue
  3. damn, 16x 60a powerstage.....thats alota damage, anyway, I expected the hero to be higher up than that jeez, looks like my choice is between the top three there, though the apex is available next to nowhere as far as i can tell and i cant find pricing on it (though i am assuming its somewhere around 900 dollars because asus is literally the worst best ever at pricing things. I think i'm goin with the godlike if anything mostly because it looks like a easy board to use and I went and looked into the bios and I like it. Also, it looks like it would be fun/easy to mod the board which I plan to do (cosmetic stuff to match my build plans)
  4. I also considered getting a MAXIMUS XI HERO call of duty 4 edition board, but I agree that a master would probably be a better board than any of these, seeing as all of these boards are stupid overkill (the MAXIMUS XI EXTREME it 700 dollars)
  5. yeah the godli- oh, sorry i mean, THE MSI MEG GODLIKE was my first choice, the only thing I don't like is the EATX form factor, I have never really found a good case that truly supports EATX, a lot of them have cable management grommets and other things that get covered up when using EATX and others just look awful/ have terrible cable management solutions that aren't covered up.
  6. So I have been looking around into more specifics on performance of components as it relates to the motherboard. From what I can tell it is pretty hard to get a "bad" motherboard unless you just pick the cheapest thing on amazon/pcpp/ebay that has the same socket. Now I think I have found four motherboards, and a few more I already ruled out because they weren't relevant, that have probably the highest performance but all are honestly overkill, maybe. Here are the boards in question: MSI- MEG Z390 GODLIKE ASUS- ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME (whats with the all caps?) ASUS- ROG MAXIMUS XI FORMULA (really?) GIGABYTE- Z390 AORUS XTREME (okay this is just ridiculous, did they leave caps lock on?) So really the question is just that which of these are better for several different things, given they have a 9900k in them. Overclocking, looks, support for RGB not only on the board but on everything else in a system, and the bios as far as ease of access/navigability goes.
  7. I have some at home, and the screenshots don't appear to show the artifacting so I have to take pictures on my phone
  8. okay i'm not 100% sure this is artifacting but the most common issue with this is that text get extremely disfigure in applications like discord and ocasioanally the window i'm focused one (not the whole screen) with loose basically all of the things on it being rendered by the gpu aside from things like wireframes and windows border around the actual window. So usually I can fix thing like this on my own, most of the time it's a bad driver and i fix it quickly. Nope. I spent hours checking different drivers, different driver settings and yet I still can figure out what in the world is wrong with this computer. It's a simple old gaming PC my friend brought in to me to clean and service since it was starting to run pretty hot and he has said that ever since he had the computer it had been having this issue. So I said I would clean the computer and then try to fix the issue and here I am two days later with no answer. The GPU is an asus RX 570, one of the strix cards. The processor is an A10-6800k which I put in about a year back because it originally had a A10-6700 and I have the 6800k laying around and just threw it in there for that extra clock speed since his board doesn't overclock (it does but its unstable). Not entirely sure Where to go from here, I will try testing it with a RX 590 I have or a 580 if I cant find which computer i left the 90 in. The problem isn't that bad, at least according to him since it only happens when he has games open or the system is under about half full load.
  9. probably, maybe in RTX reveiws as well as the new VII cards. A lot has been released in the past few months so a lot of older articles are going to get buried.
  10. yeah i have been loking for some articles too and have come up with basically nothing, i'll let you know if I find anything that might be useful.
  11. been there, fx was a nightmare back before it melted a hole in my motherboard and lit my desk on fire. After that I did the smart thing and got an i7 4790k used from the facebook marketplace. (sadly I have sold off that machine to a kid i know for a fact plays Fortnite on it, but at least its still gaming) (edit: im an idiot it was a i7 4930k)
  12. ah yes a detailed response thank you. So realistically its operating at 1200 DDR but would have the same or similar to 2400 in SDR? I must have misunderstood what was said in gamers nexus' article. So for my real use case, rendering video and 3D models as well as light gaming and VR, it really wouldn't make much sense to spend a ton more on memory just because of its slightly better timings, going from say 16-18-18-36 to 16-16-16-39?
  13. 1. i know they are, but how so 2. it is XD 3. ew....gross
  14. productivity you say? well why should i care about productivity when i can have RGB lighting? jokes aside, what benefits are you talking about specifically? I know in things like 3d rendering (which I do a lot of) it makes a difference but never had time to test exactly how much. Also I am just expanding my knowledge of PC hardware so I am, relatively speaking, unexperienced and am just starting to actually do research on these sort of specific things that it seems most people don't really care about.