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  1. I have an old pcie SATA Card And some wd blue HDDs So I will try this combi The only Problem is I really don't find pga603 cooler in the cheap Maybe I am going to ziptie a 604 cooler on it
  2. Hi there, I just bought an old dual Xeon Board with Up to 12gb RAM ddr1 And after watching Linus building his Minecraftserver I thought It might bei working Specs: 2x Intel Xeon SL7HU (1C/2Th) ATI Rage XL onboard Video Gigabyte 8IPXDREL Rev.1.0 (the one with only one PCI Slot) I know its really underpowered but Itmight bei fun to try this out
  3. Yes It should be running fine since it is only 60-65°c I think it has something to do with this "gpu 0 copy module" Every other game is using the "gpu0 3D module" I compared them with the Windows Task Manager
  4. since a Week Gta 5 seems to have a bug My pc (ryzen 3 1200 @3.8Ghz,16gb ddr4 2400,gtx 1060 6gb) only gets 20-25 fps ingame at normal settings (a month ago at high 75 fps) so I started Taskmanager (win 10) to check if something is bottlenecking my pc My Gpu wasn't trying at all (0.1% usage at gta5) and used as Gpu-Module Gpu-0 Copy Installation of the newest driver and reinstalling the game didn't work at all Is there someone who knows a way to make Gta 5 playable again ?
  5. Same here I hope it's just cause of the new drivers and they ll fix them soon