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  1. I decided to buy an S9+, upgrading my old phone, can someone suggest me a good case for it? Is the case by Samsung (the one with the stand) good in protection? Or do you suggest me to buy one of another brand?
  2. quage89

    Help for new phone

    For now I switched the screen, headphone jack, multitasking button and the camera with the one of the phone that my friend gave me. In the lock screen the touch is a bit wired but in the home screen and games it's good but I have still to use the other phone to charge the batterie, this metod doesn't suck and I can charge the 2nd batterie while I am using my phone.
  3. quage89

    Help for new phone

    I dropped it on the street with no protection at all You never know
  4. quage89

    Help for new phone

    Tanks! I'm gonna ceck that out
  5. quage89

    Help for new phone

    No I haven't. I'm going to check thanks!
  6. quage89

    Help for new phone

    Hi, I am currently using my 3y's old Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus, it has a broken screen(since like 2 weeks after buying it), the headphone jack doesn't work, the charge port doesn't work, since august the phone decides to touch the screen in some points(it's really annoying specially if you are playing games) and recently the multitasking button at the bottom has stopped working, should I try to repair it or buy a new one? (I have another phone like this, one friend gaved it to me so I can charge the battery, and I could get one more if needed) If I had to buy a new phone, which? -No iphone -No phone with a notch I don't have a big budget (or I wasn't here writing this) so I thouth of the Honor 9 lite and the S7 edge and lately the LG Q7, maybe should I wait till the s10 is announced so the S7 will drop in cost even more? Do you have any suggestion for what phone I should buy?