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    I tried to make a new directory and then explorer.exe stopped working, every time I tried to open new in the kontextmenu
  2. oh woops maybe that could be the problem. i didnt mention that such a thing could be a real problem lul thx i try it when im at home
  3. I used 1 with 8GB on the A1 slot
  4. I build it on my own, The GPU switch didnt changed anything.
  5. there is no integrated one and i tried both of my Rtx 2080. ?
  6. when i klick the power button on the mb or on the case the light of the Cpu Cooler turns on and the pumps and fans are working on the postcode it is switching between 16 3e fc and 64
  7. i dont even have the possibility to install an os, because i dont even come to this step.
  8. yea 16 is reserved (regular Boot) FC is reserved (Error) 64 is CPU DXE initialization started(Regular Boot) Edit: Speaker doesnt work
  9. So i bought a brand new PC, Components-- MB: Gigabyte x399 designer ex CPU: tr1920x RAM: Corsair vengance 16gb 3000mhz PSU: Silverstone ST85 850Watt 80+ Platinum GPU: x2 Rtx2080 founders edition HDD: Seagate Ironwolf 4TB SSD: x2 Crucial Bx500 500gb, M2- Samsung 970 Pro 512 gb My Postcode is showing 16 then it switches very fast (in under a second) to FC, 64 and 3E. Can some one help me out with this? ^^ I would be very thankfull. ~Simon M.