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  1. As a university student and tech geek at the same time, I'm very eager to buy electronics under best deal. When I was searching for laptop(few months ago) I found this laptop. "Lionine L7SH-144H" And I'm sharing with you guys. Detail specs Intel 8th gen i7-8750h Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB HM370 Chipset DDR4 8GB 2400mhz (upgradable) M.2 SATA 128GB (Supports RAID 0/1) Sound blaster cinema 5 LG IPS 144Hz (&True link) And the most amazing thing -- OTEMU Mechanical keyboard (+Keyboard backlit) 6.6mm thin bezel All in 2.0kg ---- 1250$ And Reviewers say "this laptop has amazing cooling solution" And actually has interesting performance. (One unfortunate thing is this one does not ships internationally.)
  2. Hi. Yesterday I received used mainboard (It was GA-H77-D3H rev1.0 so only way to get 1155 socket board is ordering used mainboard) And I connected Mainboard 6 pin power and CPU FAN and 26pin power? whatever I plugged everything in including SSD S-ATA. And I really tried to boot this thing up. At the first time, my PC says NO BOOTABLE DEVICES. So I restarted pc but during clean win 10 installation, it started bootloop I cant even see BIOS menu. (I did repaste thermal compound and Changed ram) WHAT SHOULD I DO?