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  1. No it isnt, i will try fix that tomoorw, it require "user mode" not "setup mode" whatever that is.
  2. Im trying to encrypt my C drive with bitlocker, and it ask stuff about TMP stuff. Im not very experiances with encrypting or other file/server/directory based things and these are the 2 errors i get + my bios options. Please advise what i whould try/do. thank you all who read.
  3. Personally Id love a Rucksack, like a heavy-duty/water-resistant/15"-17.3" laptop pouch, backpack. That'd be nice to see but I understand limitations. could be paired with the water bottle and lanyard
  4. I think a push-pull config on your front radiator to maximise cooling across your rad, then exhaust fans on rear and top to try nestralise the pressure. with a case like that which has lost of holes, you want to aim for neutral or positive pressure to force the dust-out or keep it out. Its what I used to run in my old mid tower and I found it the best for temps and almost never needed dusting.
  5. Take your GPU out and plug it into the onboard graphics (if applicable) because that looks like a dying GPU to me.
  6. From what I understand they seem to be like a pretty closely overlapping ven diagram between Programming language and Hardware design. Electronic engineering, though still understanding and learning programming language, focuses more towards the hardware, circuits, electrical physics, power distribution, and motors. Whereas Computer Engineering will focus more heavily on the programming side with the ability to "support" the design of hardware. They both cover similar things in different levels of detail, but they do seem to be in close quarters until you specialise in a specific sector within design or programming. I think the assessment criteria would also be dependant on the bias you choose, along with the minimum pass grade within covered subjects and the length of time you may focus on them, along with the detail and depth you go into pending bias. Do correct me if I am wrong, this is just from my understanding of the difference. If in doubt just check the courses units covered and see which ones you desire knowledge in more. If they are both too similar, just pick the one that employers will desire seeing more. Hope this helped.
  7. @Joveice I wonder if there is a cool-down period between adding authenticators? Just a theory. I think thus far you have done all you can do and taken all precautions to save those precious games!
  8. 2FA is a real ball ache I know. All i can really suggest is to change your password, check SG is configured correctly on your device and on the PC, either remove device via steam phone app>disable SG>enable SG>re-add device and see how it goes from there, or Contact steam and wait for them to let you know whats going on, or do both. Steam support with account security is touchy, sometimes its helpful, sometimes its just VOID and ROBOTS.
  9. Have you changed number any time recently? I had SG too and then I changed my number and it caused months of hassle for me as I needed it in order to post thing on the Steam market. To this day I still haven't been able to change the MSISDN on my account to my new one. Honestly, the only thing wrong is the ridiculously tedious process needed to change the steam guard MSISDN. With Steam guard, I think you can change what things require SG authentication to change. as far as i can recall. Try digging in the setting on steam and maybe you will find it.
  10. Well firstly, Did you register for steam guard? You need to assign it to a MSISDN and un-assigning that MSISDN (phone number) if you want to change device at a later date, it Is a real pain in the butt with steam. If YOU didn't do that then it sounds as if you might have been hacked by someone else who got a hold of your password. If that is the case then just thing where else you use the old password, when was the last time you changed it, and how secure was it? Might be time to update your passwords elsewhere too. Only things that lead me to think this is the fact that you cannot deactivate the Steam guard, and your password was changed. Steam guard can be used to change account credentials without other authentication, or as an additional level of authentication (as far as I can remember). The task of removing SG is already tedious even if you do have the registered MSISDN available to hand, I'd advise getting in contact with steam to resolve this issue if you think that my above questions are pointing towards someone accessing your account without permission.
  11. This one is a really hard one to explain, but i am basically looking for a mouse that has additional button inputs outside of the normal mouse inputs. Now i dont mean i want "programmable buttons" that i can Map, no i want a mouse with ADDITIONAL inputs like "MOUSE_5" ect. My current mouse i use is a Logitech G300S and it is fabulous. It has 4 easy to reach additional inputs which is great for the MMOs i play, but i have found myself needing more! (not Razor Naga level, but more) I also like how the buttons on my mouse are layed out, i use the palm/claw grip so i have 2 buttons under my index, 3rd finger, and middle click under my middle finger. This allows for my first 5 hotbar abilities to be used in rapid succession, and then i have the last 5 mapped to 1-5 on the keyboard (This may be confusing but i don't like dancing around my keyboard in raids so try to keep my hand movements to a minimum) What i have found is my thumb is doing nothing, so i want to find a mouse that has the 2 macro keys either side of the mouse top, 2-4 buttons on the thumb area and a DPI toggle behind the middle clicker. All of the additional buttons need to be Additional Inputs, not just blank remap-able buttons. So again, really hard to explain but i want am mouse that has mouse buttons 1-7 as inputs in themselves. if that makes any sense to anyone then i applaud you. Here is a link to something that might help explain more. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/250237/how-to-create-mouse-specific-buttons-in-windows (My current solution is mapping the keys to the number pad as it is an unused portion of my keyboard, but i would like to know if i could have just got a mouse.) Old mouse G300s (legend mouse btw) (Has Mouse buttons 1-5, the left buttons are mouse button 4 and 5, the right set are mapped to the keypad in my case.G9 and G8 are not mouse buttons and they are dpi toggles, they would need to be mapped to keyboard key.) New mouse Roccat Tyon: (No additional Mouse inputs at all, only mouse input 1-3, left, right, middle click) Any suggestions, please let me know! or if you want clarification on something too. (MMO's are Final Fantasy XIV/ ESO)
  12. I totally see where you are coming from. The occasions that would would use it though would allow you to have double the optical zoom and double the zoom that wont loose detail over the 5x + digital. The advertised cost of the phone is also less than the P30 pro so its seems to be like a "oh this phone is cheaper, on par and has higher resolution 10X zoom" what the real life experience will be like is unknown outside of "tests" and "first looks", but on paper its just seems like a no brainier. The phone isnt even TARGETED at the Photographers with a Ridiculous price tag, its just... a "free" addition. and comes with the 5G model too.
  13. Flawless logic. You would be much better at naming USB Standards than USB.