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  1. After closing all razer processes it seems to have fixed it. Altough i do not know what causes the issue in razer synapse.
  2. I do yeah, but i've just tried disabling it and it didn't do anything
  3. When im in a game and hold ctrl+shift and then try to move left, i can't move. It works with wsd though. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks but it's not for recording, just for discord really. And i know it's pretty stupid since it's not really for professional use and instead just my friends who needs to hear it, but i still want to get the most out of it
  5. Guess i won't be EQ'ing then. You say i can use voicemeter though but for some reason, even after making sure all the "HZ" are the same, it makes my microphone sound absolutely horrible on discord without even adjusting anything. Do you have any idea why? Also, thanks for the help so far. I really appreciate it
  6. The microphone i use picks up a lot of background noise and for some reason, the program which i found (voicemeter i believe) dosn't work without it. Also i like tuning my headphones to my liking and that dosn't seem possible without it.
  7. Thanks but how am i meant to use an equalizer then? The functionality is pretty useful and there really isn't any alternative from what i've found.
  8. It enables the use of both the built in equalizer of windows, but also external programs that modifies the sound. Is there any way to activate the DSP?
  9. Sound card: ROG SupremeFX 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC S1220A
  10. Im guessing this is an answer to the wrong thread?
  11. Hey. Current setup is dt 770 pro with a neewer nw-800 mic. When i enable audio enhancement they completely stop working. I am even unable of pressing the test button which results in an error message. I've tried updating the drivers and running troubleshoot. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey. My soundcard (S1220A) in my motherboard is recommended for 30-600 ohm drivers. I'm guessing they will drive the DT 770 pro just fine and i don't need to buy an amplifier? Thanks in advance :)
  13. Hey. I've called back and forth with my isp and we concluded the only way i could get an open nat type was by dragging a cable from upstairs to the "main" router downstairs. However after checking xbox console companion i saw in networking it said my nat was open. This is only in xbox console companion though. All other games/programs have a strict nat type. What could be the issue? My guess right now is something related to a firewall but i honestly don't know anything about it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Draysh

    Strict nat type

    The router is Icotera i4850 They are all hooked up to the same fiber box.
  15. Draysh

    Strict nat type

    The model is Airties 4920