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  1. Tore Alkeks

    Nvlink 2080 ti watt

    What kind of a PSU should one have to run 2 2080 ti's in Nvlink? i currently have a 750w so i was wondering if that is enough or should i get one with more watts.
  2. Tore Alkeks

    Running Xbox and PC audio on the same speakers

    Yes it works.
  3. Tore Alkeks

    Running Xbox and PC audio on the same speakers

    Im gonna say yes but i dont know what you mean with "on-board audio"... xP
  4. Hi, i have just made it so that my external speakers are plugged into my monitor so that i can have them work with my Xbox One and they do, but i notice when i switch between pc and xbox on the monitor i also makes it so that i can only hear the audio from one of them at the same time. I have 2 monitors for my pc and im the kind of guy who likes to have a movie or stream or smt else on my second monitor while i game on my primary. So is there a way that i can make it so that both my pc and my xbox can use the same speakers at the same time? Monitor in question is a Asus VG245. I have hdmi for xbox to monitor and from monitor i have a DP into to the pc and then the speakers are connected to the "black" audio jack on the monitor since the green one wasnt working. This is just a "third world" sort of problem so i can live without it being resolved but i was just wondering if anyone here knew of a way for this too work. Any comment is appreciated. Sorry if i wrote to incomprehensible, writing isnt my strong suit.
  5. Tore Alkeks

    Windows 10 on a new computer

    Okay thanks for info guys!
  6. Hi i am sort of new to pc building, at least when it comes to building from "scratch" and not upgrading current pc. I am going to build a new pc with all new hardware but i have not bought a new windows 10 key. Do i need a new key or smt since i already have windows 10 on my old pc(it is upgraded from Windows 7 btw) and it is connected to my Microsoft account so i was wondering if i could somehow just log into my account when installing a new os with the mediacreationtool from windows website.