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  1. Hi. I'm looking for the ultimate, Mono, Wireless Headset for voice calls. I need my headset to connect with my 2018 iMac that lets me make and receive skype calls and phone calls, and lets me pair to my iPhone at the same time so I can use both devices with the same headset. I am also playing music via iTunes though the headphone port to desktop speakers. Currently I am using a Logitech headset which works well enough, but its clunky. The hard switch requires that I take the headset off to hard-switch between my Phone and iMac, and the battery does not last very long, etc. I tried the Plantronics Legend but it was awful. Not only was the sound full of clicks and static, but very often music would stop playing through my speakers and start playing through the headset by itself. (Yes I updated the firmware and software). So far I am leaning towards buying the Jabra Talk 45 headset as it supports 2-device connections. I was going to go for the Apple Earpods but apparently they won't connect to 2 devices at the same time. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. By the way, I came up with a temporary fix. A DUMB temporary fix, but it is what it is. The Dell U4919DW monitor can actually function as 2 separate monitors, and the Mac Mini supports multiple monitors. So check this out: I connected both a USB-C Cable AND and the HDMI cable, from the Mac Mini to the Dell Monitor. And after a couple of minutes of messing around, I actually got it to work. The Mac Mini is in dual monitor / extended desktop mode. Essentially, it is running as dual 2560x1440 monitors! This is kinda cool, and kinda frustrating at the same time.
  3. Hi Supa - Thanks for the suggestion, but does using this method impede performance such as reduce the refresh rate? Hi Brooksie359, Thanks I will try this too, though I would think that the HDMI cable provided by Dell with the monitor would be HDMI2.0a would it not? I can't imagine anyone selling a monitor with lots of bells and whistles, but not including a proper cable to support it.
  4. Hi Everyone! I just purchased a Dell Ultrawide U4919DW and a 2018 Mac Mini and for some reason the best resolution I can get is is 3840x1080. I should be able to get 5120x1440 native resolution as both the Monitor and the Mac Mini support this. I have tried connecting by the included Dell-included USB-C Cable and the Dell-included HDMI Cable, but there's no improvement. In fact, I think the HDMI cable may provide a lower refresh rate but I can't really tell. I tried connecting the Monitor to my 3 year old PC Via Display Port cable and I get the high res 5120x1440 mode - Just not on the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini Display Properties does NOT show a resolution setting to me. Instead my choice is "default" and "scaled". If I hold down the option key and click scaled I can see that the resolution only goes as high as 3840x1080. I talked to Apple support and they have opened a case for me. They were very nice and spent about 25 minutes testing a few things. They were great. I called Dell and, well, lets just say it wasn't the best tech support call I've ever had... Anyway, if anyone has a similar setup and knows what I need to get this working right I'd love some advice. Thanks in advance!
  5. Ok here's a head-scratcher... In My home lan I have a few computers and peripherals and normally get about 500mb/s download according to Speedtest.net. But when my Alienware Area 51 PC is connected, and turned off, my speed drops to about 1Mb/s. If I boot-up the Alienware PC, the speed returns to normal. Only when it's off does it slow me down to a crawl. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?
  6. Hello! My problem is this: I have Bell Fibe 1.5Gb/s service. The modem speed test confirms that the speed is there, but when I test with Speedtest.net or the Speedtest App, I get only about 450mb/s. I used to get about 980mb/s but no longer. I tried testing from 2 different iMacs and a PC. I tried disconnected every other device and disabling Wifi. Nothing internally seems to be causing the speed problem. It also does not seem to be wire related. I am using Cat6 cable everywhere, and D-Link DGS-1016A Switches. Any suggestions are appreciated !