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  1. Hi all, The time has come for me to upgrade my HAF-X case to something more modern. I intend to put in a zen 2 into the new case when they release. My question is, which case? I thought for a long time the mesh h500p but on review the top of the case is blocked so no go there, front mount only. I understand the reasons why they did it but still put me off slightly... all this closed up case trend puts me off. I'm looking for a white case up to the £170 ($170) range and one that has some good airflow.
  2. Hello All, My 4670k is ready to be replaced. It's running at 4.5ghz but games are struggling and I need to join the DDR 4 memory train. My question is what to go with. I've been researching for a while and keep changing my mind. A little about me: 1440p gaming at 100hz min No video editing just pure gaming Don't want to upgrade GFX card yet (1070 8gb) Games are, anno 2250, crysis games, GTA, skylines and red dead 2 if it comes to pc. I've been looking at 2600x 2700x and the 9600k and 9700k. My only beef with Intel is how often they change socket meaning my motherboard will be obsolete in 6 months, and that these 9 series cpu are just a refresh.
  3. Hello All, I've been looking online but can't find an answer to my concerns. A long while ago I brought a Razer Leviathan sound bar for my bedroom tv, connected via optical. It sounded so bad I disconnected it and it gathered dust for a year until I plugged it into quick pc build I did and wow! Sounded like a different system. Brought a z906 for in my living room, connected via optical. But feel worried it won't be the best sound output for the speakers. Luckily - It sounds ok but think it could sound better, is there anything I can buy to ensure the best sound possible from the tv? Do I need an amplifier? I wish a usb soundcard would work on a tv! How do you connect your speakers and/ or what would you recommend?