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  1. Not sure how well you can see it but there always seems to be a line going through the screen/ pixels missing or some shit and was wondering if anyone knows why. Started randomly one day and only happens when I watch streams on 1080p Also, only happens on Twitch streams, doesnt happen on Youtube or when gaming.
  2. Okay, never mind, I fixed it. For whatever reason it changed my boot drive to my newer drive and didn’t give me the option to change between them
  3. Yeah, I see it says boot option 1 with my drive that has windows on it, then below it says boot override and has all of my drives
  4. Yes, before I did the cap thing it showed a3
  5. It still sits on a black screen after leaving the bios
  6. Also when I start it up the little screen that shows error codes says A3
  7. What does it mean by re enter data?
  8. Ok well I hit it and it didn’t do anything, is it the butting underneath the start button and the little thing that shows error codes on the mobo?
  9. So when I start up my computer it shows the screen to load the bios every time. I go into it and just go straight to the end and click discard changes and reset but now my pc just sits at a black screen the whole time. Anyone know why this is happening?
  10. Also I'm currently sitting at 60 fps +/- in Apex Legends with my ram being at 80-90% usage. would that cause my fps to drop as well?
  11. so it would or would not be a good idea to buy it?
  12. So I'm currently using 1 8gb stick of ram and am thinking about buying the exact same stick again so I can have 16gb. My question is would this make a big difference in gaming? Ram is also running at 1866mhz
  13. Motion

    2 monitors

    oh sweet, thank you
  14. Motion

    2 monitors

    i have a 1050ti 4gb
  15. Motion

    2 monitors

    so could i connect an hdmi to my motherboards hdmi port and my gpu?
  16. Motion

    2 monitors

    Ok, so it depends on the splitter? also its because im wanting to play a game on 1 screen and watch a stream on the other
  17. Motion

    2 monitors

    I'm curious if I have a 1080p monitor and a 720p monitor could i use both of those with a hdmi splitter to make the display extended? or would i need the same resolution to do it?
  18. Just installed it into my maximus hero iv and says its only running at 1333MHz
  19. I'm trying to play Apex legends in 1080p all low settings, but when i do i drop below 40fps at times. I check my task manager when that happens but nothing is even close to being at 100%. any ideas?
  20. Thank you, I really appreciate the help :D:D
  21. ahh okay, I was just wanting to use the new ram and take out the old ram.
  22. So should i not be using my new ram without the old stuff in?