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    Gainward GTX 970 underperforming

    late reply because I don't get notifications but it used to be like 80-85. Gainward is really not a popular company, and I've wanted to purchase another plastic shroud and modify it with custom multiple fans. I'd even buy a heatsink but I don't know how this stuff works like CPU sockets really.
  2. Hey :) So I own a GTX 970 made by Gainward (a company I've never seen anyone talking about and pretty much no idea how I got it) but this GPU has started underperforming insanely bad lately. After I've replaced the thermal paste on the heatsink (which this card's specific heatsinks are too small to be effective) it performs even worse. I've applied the usual amount that is also used on CPUs and it made no difference and as I said made it even worse. I've just recently change the case, fans and CPU heatsink so the PC doesn't overheat but this does. a benchmark for reference which will explain why I'm a bit worried. Any ideas/tips that I can try to improve it?