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  1. Thanx dude but what do you suggest?
  2. Hi There I got a little headache when I was looking for reason Simply I am 3D Motion Artist and looking for a perfect monitor Now I use windows 10, I used the Mac for years ago it was awesome color and accuracy with reality brightness. What I want to know what is the difference between them Is the OS Or the motion varies from one to another depending on the technology used? Does the color profile play a big role in this (sRGB, Adobe RGB)? What are your suggestions? My Budget is $1500 These are what I’ve found: 1. Benq PD3200U 2. Benq PV3200PT 3. Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4K Monitor with PremierColor - UP3216Q 4. LG UltraFine 5K Display The latter is not fully compatible with Windows