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  1. yea i guessed so i dont have any extra hardisks and i have already 100+ gbs of data in it would have to re download and stuff
  2. yes if makes some difference or wd is more reliable ig ?
  3. I already got the wd blue is it worth exchanging prices are same
  4. https://hdd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/WD-Blue-1TB-2012-vs-Seagate-Barracuda-1TB-2016/1779vs3896
  5. does running my mobo on xmp voids warranty ? i have b450 msi gaming plus mother board do i need to run xmp on mobo for my 3000 mhz ram to fully utilise it ?
  6. my case has pre installed stand offs ig can that be true its corsair spec 04
  7. yea watching that just trying to know if somethings got missed or not
  8. i have the components just need the dos and donts while building pc and some tips would be just great
  9. no i dont have a mobo rn just psu and gpu
  10. thanks guys i was really worried thanks for info that was a dumb move hooking psu to gpu
  11. so doc gpu is fine ? nothing to worry ?