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  1. Hi, i recently got my first gaming motherboard, its gonna be my first build and im really exited about it, while looking at the drivers for the motherboard i saw a couple of notes and I couldnt find a lot of information about them so idk if I should even install them or not, I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out on this one, thanks. the first note i see says the following: "For Intel ME FW 14.X system." im using an intel core i5 10600ka, should i install the driver? there is also a part saying: "Please refer to the BIOS note to download the correct Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID driver for your system. Include Intel Optane Memory." the motherboard does support intel optane tough I couldnt even afford an ssd so ill be using an hdd for a couple of months, i guess that might be important if im gonna be using an optane drive? thanks. EDIT: I forgot to mention, the motherboard is an MSI Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-Z490-GAMING-CARBON-WIFI#down-driver&Win10 64
  2. ill mostly be playing wow classic and warcraft 3, maybe some dota in low settings, nothing too fancy. visual novels are awesome too and you dont need too much processing power for those.
  3. Hi, im building my first pc and Im getting a corei5 10600k, I live in peru so I dont have a lot of options when it comes to parts, honestly speaking the only two real options i have are the coolermaster hyper t200 and the hyper t20, everything else is too expensive atm or is not for sale (i do plan on possibly improving that eventually) I wont be doing any overclocking to the cpu but i would like to do some light gaming with the integrated gpu, which one would you suggest i buy?
  4. around 700 usd, tough the cpu is a gift and im borrowing a case, an hdd and a psu so its more like 350 usd.
  5. actually, I do have one more question, while I don't plan on overclocking, isn't it possible to do it regardless of the motherboard? as in, using intel extreme utility software?
  6. thanks, I heard Linus talk about seasonic on a video once so I thought it would be good enough, would you say that any corsair power supply its good enough? as in, not destroying my components? ill try to get something from corsair that at least has some sort of 80 rating. id like to get a series 70, hopefully at 80 (I mean Nvidia but it might be 1000 or 3000 series) tough I don't think its gonna be anything above a 70.
  7. right now im using a MacBook Air 2018 and it just doesn't have enough storage, I need some windows specific programs (studying translation), while the amd thing does sound interesting, I live in Peru so it's gonna take a couple of months for it to actually get here and I sort of need the computer soon.
  8. well, thanks, I'll keep all of that in mind, I can't afford a graphics card now but I do plan on getting one in the future, for a power supply I was looking at a seasonic a12 700w, I know its overkill for the system as it its right now but im hopping to get a good graphics card at some point.
  9. im on a budget, so the gaming part is gonna have to wait for a while, for the time being im not getting a graphics card and the power supply is kind of old but it has done its job for a good number of years now, also the motherboard has 4 ram slots so I plan on getting more in the future.
  10. Hi, I've been into pc gaming and gaming as a whole for a very long time now, and now I kinda need a pc so I sort of put together a list of parts that I was planning to use in this build, I live in Peru so I don't have a lot of options when it comes to some components, I'd like to hear your opinions and suggestions, thanks. core i5 10600ka (the store im gonna buy it from doesn't have the regular k anyways) tuf b460-pro wifi (im looking for a motherboard that has integrated bluetooth and at least 1 m.2 slot) honestly speaking, I don't care a lot about ram and im on a budget so pretty much any 8gb ddr4 module. there aren't a lot of options for cooling that are within my budget so it's either gonna have to be a cooler master hyper t200 or a hyper t20, idk which one to choose. I don't care if performance in blender is 10% faster with amd, im mostly focusing on gaming and homework for the time being. for a power supply ill be using an old 600w that my uncle had in an old computer and the case is also gonna be an old atx case, same with the storage. ill just be buying a processor, a motherboard, a ram module and a cooler, everything else I plan on getting eventually. also, the main reason im going for the 10600k instead of the 10400 is because of their base clock speed, I used to have a gaming laptop that would constantly throttle while turbo boosting so id rather get something that will have a high enough clock from the get go, also the 10700 is just out of my budget. thanks.
  11. after testing it on windows on 2 other laptops and bootcamp windows on my Mac, I reached the conclusion that the problem is related to Mac OS , after talking to Razer support, they suggest that I try using a mouse that is compatible with synapse 2 since synapse 3 is not available for Mac OS at the time of this post.
  12. there is no Razer Synapse 3 for Mac OS tough, and only synapse 3 will detect the essential mouse, synapse 2 can't even tell when the essential has been plugged in or out, also this one doesn't have rgb, it glows green but the color can't be changed.
  13. there is no Razer Synapse 3 for Mac OS tough, and only synapse 3 will detect the essential mouse, synapse 2 can't even tell when the essential has been plugged in or out, also this one doesn't have rgb, it glows green but the color can't be changed.