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  1. jake765111

    PC randomly crashing

    I had a extra PSU and I installed it. It seems to work fine now! Thanks for your help. Cross your fingers!
  2. jake765111

    PC randomly crashing

    Here is what it says. I think it might be my PSU. What do you think?
  3. jake765111

    PC randomly crashing

    Like I said, It has been happening so long I am not sure. I dont think I did anything though
  4. jake765111

    PC randomly crashing

    It has been happening for so long I dont know when it started. Pc link - https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Brushwood_Boy/saved/#view=JfD7WZ
  5. jake765111

    PC randomly crashing

    My PC is randomly crashing. I am getting pissed at this point because I dont know what to do. I need suggestions ASAP. It black screens, then reboots, Never fully turns off. HELP ME
  6. jake765111

    MSI Gaming Plus vs Tomahawk

    The tomahawk looks better and has some better features. I would read some reviews online and see what they say
  7. jake765111

    Need a little help with pc + console and audio

    You might be able to setup software to stream the audio but I don't know how to do this and it might be delayed.
  8. jake765111

    Need a little help with pc + console and audio

    It should output the audio to the HDMI cable automatically. Look in your settings for a output divice and output it to a divice with speakers
  9. jake765111

    The cheapest card I can get?

    I have great luck with the MSI 1050ti. Not the most powerful card but I think anything over 100 FPS is a little ridiculous because you really can't tell or see the improvement. It does the job for me just fine. (I have the 4G model)
  10. jake765111

    Need help with network adaptors.

    Is it external?
  11. jake765111

    buying used dell poweredge

    I am not sure how reliable they are. As long as it looks good and you make sure they are clean and not too hot and you make sure you do not exceed or get too close to the maximum wattage it can handle then it should be fine.
  12. jake765111

    Windows 10 Storage Spaces move to another pc?

    Yes. The other data drive's should be fine though. Just keep a backup in case something end up going bad
  13. jake765111

    buying used dell poweredge

    The PSU would be good to replace. As long as the mobo works for you, it should be fine. I would hook up your server to a UPS if you lose power ofter. If you have a reliable power supply like 3 phase running to your house, then it is not as important but they are fairly cheeped and I don't see why you should not.
  14. jake765111

    Windows 10 Storage Spaces move to another pc?

    As long as the SATA card is supported and the files are not encrypted it should be fine
  15. jake765111

    buying used dell poweredge

    I would use new HDD's and make shure it still stays cool. Other than that, why not.