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  1. Sorry to bother you all during a time like this. However my PC is broke, every time I load it I get the same error which I have attached as a picture. In my bios I'm convinced a new hard drive is showing so I disabled this and still won't load. Has any one got any ideas? Could I remove my windows hard drive & install it on a new drive?
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. GPU = Gigabyte X470 Connections on GPU = HDMI, VGA & DP Nothing is connected in the VGA & DP only my monitor is connected to the HDMI. I want my second monitor to be the TV so was hoping to go from DP in the GPU to the HDMI in the TV.
  3. I have a graphics card with only one HDMI slot, but it does have a display port. I bought a DP to HDMI cable. Please can someone advise how I set up the 2nd monitor with the cable? I love gaming on the pc but when it comes to things like this I don't have a clue, sorry.
  4. I'm a total noob with hardware. My graphics card only allows one HDMI display, but I've got other ports which I assume I can use for 2nd display. I looked at DVI to hdmi but the DVI had 2 extra pins which two doesn't have on the picture. Please can this community help me & advise, What port is one & two? Also can I get a wire to convert to hdmi for 2nd display?
  5. I've got a Ryzen 5 1600x, guess it doesn't have the IGPU
  6. In my GPU I have 1 hdmi slot which my current screen is connected. I want to connect another monitor, is it possible to connect this to the motherboard & make it split screen? My motherboard is an Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming.
  7. My GPU only has 1 hdmi and I want to add a second screen. One screen is for gaming the other screen will be for other things. Reading online it says hdmi splitters just split the screen and will only display what's on the main screen, these posts were from years ago. Can someone advise how/if I can set up dual monitors and link me to device needed. Thanks
  8. I'm looking to record gameplay with commentary. I bought Mirillis Action which records my gameplay and voice. My question is - should I just use action? Or is it best to record gameplay with capture software and record you voice with something like audacity?
  9. I changed my cpu cooler from a fan to ML240L RGB aio cooler, I put the radiator on the front and moved the 2 fans to the top. Now every so often I hear a noise like a phone vibrating on wood, it goes on for about 5 / 10 seconds, then stops for about 1 / 2 minutes. Anyone have any idea what the noise could be?
  10. I'm wanting to fit the Masterliquid ML240L watercooler, I have an AM4 board and the videos on how to install it shows's the block clips onto these black things (pics below). My question is how do I install them black fences?? when I took my old fan off I have screws coming out but nothing fits on these. Do I need to remove the motherboard?? if so can I remove it without unplugging anything on the board? ive never build a PC or even added a hard drive to one.
  11. I'm fitting my first cpu water cooler. I got the PC built at a shop and now I want to fit a water cooler but don't know exactly how. I've watched a few YouTube videos so know how to fit the cooler, but my question is, do I need to remove the motherboard, or can I just remove the fan and install the water cooler?
  12. when I'm playing a steam game through the speakers and want to switch to my headphones the sound doesn't change. I've tried selecting headphones from the settings, tried making headphones the default and also uninstalled the audio drivers and reinstalled them (well realtek drivers as they the only ones I could download) The only way to move audio from my speakers to headphones is to close the game, plug my headphones in and then re-load the game, this issue also happens when I want to go from headphones to speakers. It only happens on steam. Youtube, VLC Player, Music ETC all work when switching between speakers and headphones. Does anyone know how I resolve this issue? I have attached pictures of device manager and system info:-
  13. It's an x470 arous ultra gaming motherboard & coolermaster masterbox k500l is the case. They the only ones that has RGB. I have no idea why it's not installed as was built for me
  14. I had a shop build my pc, when I brought it home I noticed in the boxes they didn't install the rgb control. I want to change them now so how do I install this?