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  1. thing is i only have the budget for A) a new storage device or B) more ram, i need to know whats causing this and what do i invest in
  2. dota,cs,warframe, not really demanding stuff
  3. So i recently bought a second hand Acer Aspire 4830TG, with an i5 and GT540, 4 gigs of ram and a 500gb hhd. when i first started it up i noticed, a) unformatted and b) the laptop kept pausing even when clicking things on the home screen or file manager would cause it to pause for half a minute before resuming. After i reinstalled windows and the drivers the problem just became worse. Starting up windows is painful taking 10 minutes at times and loading games as well. Even after games have been loaded they wouls still freeze from time to time and then resume, could it be the hdd? because cpu and ram usage arent even used to the max. Even increasing the virtual memory and it still didnt work. so what could cause these minute long pauses and horrendous load times? its really annoying and i cant really determine whats causing them
  4. Soo..ive went to microsoft and to no avail. No replies nothing. I have recently bought a wifi/bluetooth usb dongle and i would like to pair my controller to it. However windows 7 doesnt detect it or my phone and my phone cant detect the pc either. Ive done all the usual things with the settings, setting it to automatic and making the device discoverable and allowing bluetooth devices to find this computer even found a hotfix that cant even be installed but windows still wont be detect anything and still remains undetected to my phone. The wifi capabilities of the dongle work so im assuming that isnt the problem. All drivers are up-to-date and im kinda lost here. Help me pls.