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  1. As the title says, I can't delete the font file. I double clicked the font file when I first downloaded it. I forgot about the file for a few minutes and came back to delete it when a message popped up saying that I couldn't delete it because it was apparently already running on "System." To phrase is exactly, it says "The action can't be completed because the file is open in System. Close the file and try again." I've already tried going into my Registry Editor, but I didn't find it on the list of fonts. I've also tried restarting File Explorer through Task Manager but that doesn't seem to work. Does anybody have any solutions? I can provide more detail if needed.
  2. So, yes, It was my first time building a PC and i was stupid. I made my main drive my SSD, whilst my HDD is my secondary drive. And Sometimes i forget to change the directory to my HDD and Now my SSD is almost full. What i want to do now, is to change it so that my HDD becomes my C drive and my SSD becomes my secondary drive. I DO NOT want to copy files over, i want to keep the files in the same drives they are now. Note : Windows Was installed on my C drive, or SSD, so i dont know if changing them will cause any issues,
  3. My PC keeps crashing. Sometimes, it only lasts around 1 minute before it shuts down. Sometimes it's a good 30 minutes or so. After my computer has shut down, the LED on my motherboard will flash red. green. orange, then white, then to green again. I have read some articles online, and I unplugged the PCI-E cable from my GPU and plugged it back in. So far, my computer can last a little bit longer before shutting down again. Is this an overclocking issue, a power supply issue, or is it a CPU/GPU issue. My Pc parts : Ryzen 5 2600 RX 580 16 GB Corsair RAM ROG STRIX B450 F Gaming MOBO Corsair 550 80+ Bronze PSU
  4. The title says everything. Well mostly. My PC has turned off about 5 times today. 3 of the times it was in LoL, Second time was in Overwatch. Is this a problem with my computer, or the games itself. I have looked at a few things online to see if they would help. So far, i have turned of fast boot, and checked my PSU fans. (Which works perfectly fine) Mind you that this is a fresh build that was made around 3 days ago. PC Specs and Peripherals - CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 CPU Cooler : AMD Wraith Stealth (Stock/Box Cooler) GPU : MSI Armor RX 580 8 GB RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB Kit (3000 Mhz) Motherboard : ASUS ROG B450 F-Gaming PSU : Corsair CX 550+ Bronze Rated SSD and HDD : Samsung EVO 860 256 GB SSD, and Seagate Barracuda 2GB HDD (7200 RPM) Case : Corsair Spec 06 (Black TG Red LED) Peripherals - Keyboard : Razer Blackwidow V2 Chroma Mouse : Steelseries Rival 600 Headset : HyperX Cloud Alphas Monitor : ASUS VG248QE 144hz Extras - Magnetic LED Strip pack from airgoo 4 Additonal fans from Arctic (PWM PST CO is the Model) Asus USB- AC53-Nano 2 Fan Extensions from Jbtek (1 to 2)
  5. This is another question that has been asked many times but I need to get an exact answer. The Desktop has the exact same parts as the laptop and has an extra 2TB HDD. The laptop is the same but with only a 256 GB SDD. I am currently thinking about which to get. The Desktop has much better performance but not as much portability. My main problem is school. I go to my local library after school EVERYDAY until 6 PM, which I will then go back home giving me only 1-3 hours of playing time. With the laptop, I can play at the library and bring it with me on my summer vacations. Battery life is the problem though. Charging and playing causes performance issues, while Desktops are perfect as they are. So which should I get. Sacrifice time for performance, or performance for time.
  6. I'm looking to get either one of these. The Arctis comes with extra Cups and a bag, and so does the Cloud II. (I think no guarantees) I am going to use the headphones for Gaming, and casual use like listening to music or watching YouTube videos. Which of these are better?
  7. The Kumara uses the Outemu Blues. Basically Cherry MX Blues but louder and lower quality. The CM Keymaster uses real Cherry MX switches. If you're looking for RGB, don't get any of these. These are only for people on a budget.
  8. Redragon Kumara - ($30) Outemu Blue switches Or CM MasterKeys S ($70)
  9. Mouse bungees aren't "necessary" but they help with convenience. If your mouse wire is too long, you should get one, or if your cable keeps getting in the way of your mouse. As for which bungee, I have a few. Links - Iogear Kaliber Mouse Bungee ($9) https://www.amazon.com/IOGEAR-Kaliber-ELEVATR-Manager-GGMCS/dp/B01J08O1SE Razer Mouse Bungee ($20) https://www.razer.com/gaming-accessories/razer-mouse-bungee Steelseries Mouse Bungee ($25) https://steelseries.com/gaming-accessories/mouse-bungee I don't know which one is the best. Look out for the Steelseries Mouse Bungee though. If it's in stock, you can get the Steelseries mouse Bungee for free. (With the purchase of the Steelseries Rival 600)
  10. I just got my headset, mouse, and keyboard! I know I don't need a headset stand, but it'll be easier. The wires for the mouse and headset are detachable. Are there any stands that can hold an Arctis 5 and the wires. (Specifically 2-4 wires)
  11. I am looking at getting an AcerNitro 5. It is a gaming laptop. I am currently also looking at getting a mouse and a headset. The question is if I should stick with the laptop keyboard of get a separate keyboard. I am looking to play the following games: -Osu! -Starcraft II -Different FPS games So is it worth it?
  12. Here's the full rundown Basically, I'm pretty new to the gaming community and I'm about to get my first "gaming setup" I'm getting a Acer Nitro 5, not a PC. I am goin to get The SS Arctis 5 and The SS Rival 600. (Big steelseries fan here) I am currently deciding on the Redragon Kumara, or the Cm Storm Quickfire Rapid (MX Brown) I can get the Redragon Kumara without sacrificing anything, but to get the CM Storm I'll need to get rid of or buy a budget headset/mouse.
  13. As you might know, I'm new. Plus I can't find anything else online other than mice I've seen already. Most of them don't have much RGB on them