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  1. You're right, no idea what you mean then lol. What do you mean "both ends"? As in the charger itself? Cos i don't care about that. I'll get a new one. And can't I just use any USB-C charger with the Zen? Cos I have shit loads of those anyway. Or do you mean it completely fucks up the circuitry for being able to charge your laptop at all?
  2. Be good to have multiple ports then if they're fragile...Zen only has 1
  3. Ah you've scared me with the usb connector not being reliable. And yeah I have a Think pad for work and an Elite book is the one i'm looking to replace. Think pad is so ugly though! Lol and same with Elitebook. And I haven't particularly had great experiences with either. But they're much older models so could be different, not sure I wanna go there though. But my head has been spun again over this usb connector FML
  4. I did think that...Paying for the touch screen comes at a cost...I think I was already leaning towards the Zen you posted tbh. I might do it! I'm so indecisive though haha. I feel like I need another few options to see if i get swayed again. I think a lot of people focus on the specs and don't really pay much attention to design and the feel. I think that's a lot more important to me than a slightly faster processor etc, even though it's nice to have, it doesn't effect my experience anywhere near as much
  5. It's my bro, he's adamant that once you get a touch screen, you do end up actually using it. He said at the start he didn't think he would but it can be a lot more convenient at times. So I thought I could try it out... And not a fan of the massive bezzels on the HP. I know it's a bit of a silly thing to have a annoyance about. But I find it so annoying when they don't make use of the space on their hardware. The same applies to having a nice full keyboard and big trackpad. None of this empty space crap
  6. I think that Zenbook has lit my eyes up more than anything else posted here...USB-C charge and the screen is full with no big chunky bezels The only thing I would say, is the Lenovo Ideapad is a touch screen and this isn't...I'm not massive on touch screens, but it is quite a nice feature that I think I might end up using if given the option. But you have definitely given me something to think about
  7. I'd love a PC but not right now. I haven't got desk space until I move out. And I like the portability of a laptop. Yeah I'm not massively into touch screen, I think I just kinda like the idea more than anything that I have the option. And maybe I would prefer it sometimes, rather than messing about with a touch pad. It's difficult to know really, I need to actually go into a shop and feel. But obviously I cant right now lmao
  8. Online games mostly, like Runescape...Sometimes online steam games like Blazerush
  9. I really don't need a great GPU for gaming, it's really low end gaming. i5 would be more than enough. I think what I liked about Ideapad was the This looks almost identical to my Elitebook. I'm not sure I'd go for this same feel again though. The bezels i'm really not a fan of. I don't know if this would also have the same issues but my Elitebook wifi connectivity was so weak, it would lose connection all the time. Then I'd take out my other 3 laptops i've used and it'll be fine. Then the battery went and it was no longer portable. Then the keyboard went and I had to use an on screen keyboard...So I've had bad experiences! Not sure I wanna go back to something that looks so similar, despite it obviously being a much newer model
  10. You can take specific examples with just about anything though. My bro has had a Lenovo Yoga for 8 years and it still works fine. I've had my HP laptop for 7 years and its absolutely knackered lol. Battery went a couple years ago, the shift keys no longer work and I have to use a on screen keyboard. It's a nightmare. Lol
  11. I'm using it for low end gaming, web surfing, downloading, music/DJing....And thanks for the replies
  12. So I think I'm going to buy the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 (14", Intel) Some features/specs that caught my eye, were: USB C charge Touch screen i7 Decent battery Nice track pad and keyboard Price of just £550 BUT, I want to double check and see if any of you guys agree with it being a good choice and if not, what would you alternatives be?
  13. Hey, Looking for the best all round laptop I can get for around £500. But willing to pay less or more depending on the value for money... Just some basic things I'm looking for: Bright 1080p 15"+ screen Windows 10 SSD Nice keyboard with back lighting Decent battery life - One that doesn't die and need replacing after 2 years would be nice too! (like my last one lol) A big and nice to use touchpad would be nice. Probably too much to ask, but something like the MacBook Pro touchpad is perfect Runs low end gaming well Any recommendations would be appreciated! Cheers, Lewis