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  1. CraigSwords


    I think the 2nd gen ryzen processors just come with Tom Clancy so yeah.
  2. CraigSwords


    R5 2600 only includes Tom Clancy Division 2, 1060 3gb is a pretty bad card for 200$, but the R5 2600 isn't overkill for the 1060 3gb although it doesn't bring out the r5's full potential since it can handle stronger gpus.
  3. Just a little grammar mistake, but on AMD S tier, it's 10000oc for some reason.
  4. CraigSwords

    AM4 motherboards with front-side USB-C?

    Gigabyte's x470 boards are pretty good imo, so yeah you could get that.
  5. CraigSwords

    AM4 motherboards with front-side USB-C?

    It is a great motherboard but to find what you're looking for, always look on the manufacturer website. Newegg wasn't wrong either, it does have a USB Type-C, they just don't specify whether it was on the rear or front.
  6. CraigSwords

    AM4 motherboards with front-side USB-C?

    MSI has the tomahawk specifications on their site, it says that it only has the Type C Gen2 on the rear, no front header. Check some other motherboards supposedly of higher quality. (Higher quality = Maybe some x470 boards or the b450 carbon from MSI)