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  1. Any bottlenecking with the i5 7500?
  2. By that do you mean an after market card from like sapphire?
  3. This is what I have in my pc. Is it good enough?
  4. I have an 850 watt evga powersupply is that good enough? How much does the rx 5800xt.
  5. I am planing to get a ryzen cpu for my birth day. But would it run good enough with the i5 7500 for now.
  6. Hi guys I just finished my summer job and have like 500 dollars, and was going to use it to upgrade my computer. I am looking at replacing the gt 730 with either a rx 5700 xt or rtx 2060. Will there be a bottle neck? PS:I am going to get the open air cooler design for the rx 5700 xt sometime August. Specs: 16gb ddr4 i5-7500 at 3.4GHZ gt 730 2gb
  7. I have a i5 7500 in my build already and am looking to upgrade my gpu for future games. The one that I am buying is a gtx 1070 zotac founders edition 8gb. I am wondering is this cpu paired with this gpu a bottle neck?(I will be playing at 1080p and my budget is $250 I am only upgrading the gpu)
  8. No I am running a gtx 650 ti (also tried with my gt 730 same story)
  9. Also, have I. Is this a new update or something?
  10. Um hey guys I just noticed its only flashing when I have chrome open. How do I fix it?
  11. The ports dieing? Or is it the monitor?
  12. I don't have any (edit:If i plug it into the dp ports on the mobo it shows no image because of a dead port or something and the mobo manufacture refused to send a replacement saying it is know issue)
  13. Um, hey guys so recently my screen just randomly starts flickering for no reason sometimes it's black flickering or white or it shows a website/image I was looking at before (This only lasts for a second or two but happens often enough where it becomes infuriating to play any games or just browse the web). And this is not because of high GPU usage I checked task manager and it was showing at 0 to 1% at the highest. Is this a sign of my GPU dieing? Or is it just a background app that is freaking out. And, yes I have tried restarting my pc turning it on and off unplugging and plugging back in. So any help would be appreciated.
  14. I only use one monitor and it also has a dvi port so it should be ok right?
  15. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1FT-000B-000E2R Is this good?