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  1. Thanks very much for your reply! have opened up the laptop and made sure all of the flat cables are connected which they are; now won’t turn on at all sooooo yeh. i’ll keep trying but not far off of calling it a day lmao.
  2. Thanks very much for the reply! Glad to know that’s the problem!
  3. Long time ago I took apart my laptop and lost all the screws. The laptop still works however 2 of the USB slots do not work as well as the keyboard not working at all. Would the lack of screws result in this? could it be the tabs (don’t know the scientific name) inside the laptop that connect the keyboard to the motherboard? Any answers would be very much appreciated! The laptop is an Acer Aspire E15 N3540 thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks very much for ur reply; will definitely look into that! There’s only me and my dad who is occasionally on the internet however from experience it’s clear to say that it does not matter at all.
  5. First of all; thanks to all who reply or even look at this post; I appreciate ur time. i have been experiencing a problem where my wifi will disconnect at random intervals constantly; the bar will constantly be at maximum connection however I will lose my discord and steam connection. i currently use a tp link WiFi adapter - tl- wn823n. I don’t know if this is the problem; it should be noted that I have used a different dongle in the past (netgear a6210) which gave me constant lag spikes. i have tried different USB ports to no avail; the most odd thing being that if I disconnect and reconnect to my router it works perfectly once more for a short while. My router is below me if this would change anything. Anyways; thanks to anyone who replies, I hope there is a solution that can be found!
  6. Ahhh ok; so theoretically if I took my phone to a apple bar thing and got a battery replacement, it should be function well?
  7. Meant to say 99% battery health not life
  8. Ahhh ok I see; thanks for ur comments guys! Does the battery health mean little then?
  9. I purchased a refurbished iPhone 8 from amazon and it arrived around 2 days ago. I restored a backup from my 5s and all is good. The battery life upon arrival was 100%; now 99% however the battery life is awful. I’m talking dropping 5+ % in 20 minutes. Idk if this is setup stuff or I’ve been scammed; any comments would be well appreciated!
  10. Ahhh yeah that was another one that I was looking at but thought it only was available 2nd hand; guess I was wrong haha. Thanks very much for ur reply, it looks like a great option.
  11. Moving over to an SSD setup from a HDD one; I already have a 120gb ssd with windows and a couple of games on it and I am looking to buy a 500gb ssd to be my main storage device; I only use around 250gb of storage on my computer atm as I only play a few games so 500gb is perfect for me. I am looking specifically on amazon and I have no idea which drive would be the best option; I currently am looking to spend approximately £50. The SanDisk drive looks to be the best option in my opinion but I am not sure which is why any help at all would be very, very much appreciated! Although the write/read speed is an important factor for me; I think the reliability of the drive is more important to myself. Tysm for anyone who helps!!!
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! I’ll check them both out!
  13. I want to clone a HDD to another HDD and was wondering if there was a software that could do that for me? Thanks for any replies in advance!
  14. Ahhh ok cool thanks I think I will do that then. Really appreciate urs and everyone else’s help!
  15. Ahhh ok cool cool. Although; just for reference as I would like to keep save files, especially dark souls 3 as the save can’t be copied, so is there a software that one could use?