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  1. Ahh man the bad luck never leaves me so i did everything as supposed and changed the thermal paste to cooler master master gel pro and cleaned the heatsink and cooler and everything i put a pea size in the middle and that should be more than needed, trying to reduce my gaming temps from 73c max, but it has gone up and now hits a max of 89, thats too much. Reducing clocks and voltage doesnt seem to affect all that much as it still hits that limit then stops rising. (Its the limit on an rx 470) or at least in afterburner thats the limit. What shall i do ? Repaste ? Use more ? Will that change anything ? Different paste to be bought ? Am i missing something ? remove the screws, clean heatsink and old paste off, apply new paste, clean the chokes and mosphets and whatever else is on there, have i removed ‘thermal pads’ by mistake ? Do they even exst on a rx 470? The cooling pipes are getting hot when the gpu is working btw.
  2. Hi, i recently built a new pc for video editing and gaming, i threw w ryzen 5 1600 , 16gb ram and a rx 470 together with an ssd and enough storage for after effects to run, but no matter how i put the system and program settings the playback is extremely slow once i add a few clips, i edit in 1080p and have the gpu enabled in AE settings, what do i need to change ? It really bothers me that even on quarter resolution it takes forever to load! Are amd cards just that bad ? If i upgrade should i get a better nvidia or amd card ? If i switch to the 1050ti or 960 as a cheap solution will it be better since those use cuda cores ? Or not !
  3. In my price range only this https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06XFG7157/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A2GYMX5OBKGV1V&psc=1 i found more on ebay but i really dont trust that
  4. Here they are very expensive. And we dont have online stores so i am using amazon ebay and newegg but shipping is a bit ridiculous like 50-75$. And for size it doesnt matter but it cant be like those old fat laptops. Something a bit modern also weight doesnt matter if its a good deal but i really like the aspire 5's design anything between that and the one with the 1050ti config where its a bit larger is fine but nothing like the helios 300
  5. I live in iraq lmfao. Also that means i cant return anything i order. I have about 550$, Lets say i have 500$ since i pay 50$ shipping for a decently heavy laptop. I love slim designs and battery over 4 hours is fine lmfao. The cheapest option to play fortnite and csgo. But something that has a quad core would be good. I would buy used from authorized sellers like hp or dell.
  6. Amazon has a seller selling one 1050 4gb quad core i77th gen laptop for 550$, its in 'very good' shape and theres also newegg selling mx150 aspire 5's with 7th gen dual corr i7's which arent great but not bad either for 450$ on ebay, which one is worth it ? I just wanna play fortnite and older triple a's ffs. I am a college student but want a decent laptop. Gonna build a pc in summer but wanna play some here in the dormitory as im here.
  7. They said they will continue to make chips on the am4 socket which means if someone bas a b350 and decide to upgrade to 3rd gen they can...
  8. Really ? I am gonna get a motherboard for the 200ge anyways your telling me a b350 with more chockes 4 ram slots and for 10$ less is worse than that b450 entry level board?
  9. Its already bought and no returns here in iraq. The system is r5 1600 8gb gskill aegis one stick and b350 pc mate likely to be paired with a 1060 or 580/570
  10. Its a 8gb 3000mhz ram stick. The speed will more than likely compensate for single channel performance decrease... right?
  11. Someone says just that im selling them my system... bs... but am i wrong and he is right?