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  1. Hello, Very newbie to this world of network setup. Question: Why is my download speed all of a sudden slow? I used to get 1gb down and 4gb up a few months back. Today i noticed i was getting packet loss while playing online games. (Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, COD) Now im getting 60 Down and 40 UP. Equipment: Modem - Netgear CM1200 Router - Orbi w/ 2 bridges Mobo - MSI x470 Gaming Plus Things I did. Swap cables [cat 6] Swap ports on my router check several other computers and they are stilll getting the 1gb down and 40up Reset my network several times Reinstall drivers, but not the newest bios. The new bios updates didnt have anything to say about ethernet At this point all things point to it being a computer hardware issue. Is this a true? I dont want to have to buy a new motherboard. I dont have space for an ethernet card in my rig sadly. What are some other things i can test or try to fix/change? Network wise I did not change a single thing.
  2. Apologies, I think i wasnt clear enough. Added to my original post Edit: Adding more information, I started off with an extremely light Overclock. After a few crashes i backed off the OC completely. Its running stock right now and im not getting the performance im used to. Im just trying to get more FPS.
  3. Ive only played those 2 games. I dont really play other games much. As of right now the games seem to run "fine" but they could be better imo. Id like to seperate the load if thats a thing i could do.
  4. Hello all, After a few months of waiting I have a solution to my problem, but now a follow up. (Old thread - So my work sold me a cheap RTX 2080 (MSI Strix Gaming X). Apparently it doesn't operate as well compared to my previous card. Asus Strix RTX 2080. I want to say night and day difference in terms of performance. The Problem: Its probably too much of a load for the one RTX 2080 at 1440p. When i play for example Destiny 2/PUBG on my middle screen. I crash between loading screens. (No Changes to the CPU and a light overclock.) At this point, ive turned off the overclock on the MSI. On PUBG i can see my frames drop suddenly now to 70~110 since i turned off the OC. Edit: Adding more information, I started off with an extremely light Overclock. After a few crashes i backed off the OC completely. Its running stock right now and im not getting the performance im used to. Im just trying to get more FPS. The Question: Motherboard: x470 MSI Gaming Plus It does not support NVLINK. Can i use my 1st GPU (Asus) to use for my gaming only and just plug my side monitors for discord/fb/youtube/etc to the 2nd card? Or whatever order. Would this still function? At this point, the RTX 2080 is just sitting on the side and I dont have a use for it at the moment.
  5. So, lets say I find a Founders Edition RTX 2080. I think it has 3 Display ports, So i should connect all 3 monitors to that? and not for example 2 to my asus card then 1 to the FE card? Based on what you're saying though i could use a FE RTX 2080 & Asus RTX 2080 OC together? I guess worst case I just use the FE 2080 on my Gaming computer and try to sell the asus or use it on another build. Sucks though I like the RGB Im not sure what DK Pass thru is. I googled and nothing came up ? Thank you both for replying and helping.
  6. Hey All, Ive made a setup mistake and I really would like to learn and find options. I've made a mistake in my setup. Being new to this hobby i still have a lot to learn and I made an expensive mistake. How do i get my triple monitor setup to work on my current GPU? When purchasing my GPU at the time i didnt really think about going triple monitor for gaming and just overall working from home etc. But now i really want to go triple monitor gaming to play games like tomb raider, Destiny 2, Iracing etc. I also need the utility of triple monitor for work related stuff. Problem: My Gpu has 2 DP and 1 HDMI 2.0b ports, but my current 2 monitors (PG278QR) Does not support HDMI 2.0b for the high refresh rate. With the current knowledge I have my thoughts are... 1. I could find a similar Asus Monitor that supports HDMI 2.0B or better so i can get the high refresh rate. The problem is im having a hard time finding such a monitor. 2. Grab a 2nd GPU RTX 2080, but here is where more questions come in... My work luckily has some RTX 2080s we used for some testing and I could grab one for da cheap. I THINK its Founders Editions or Gigabytes. I didnt take a close look. Could I NVLINK the cards? and they would work together and I could plug in my 3rd monitor to the 2nd GPU? I guess my problem would also be solved if that FE GPU has 3 DPs? But im considering the NVLINK if it works out. Please help this noob. =[ Build: Ryzen 2700x Msi x470 Gaming PLus Asus Strix RTX 2080 OC
  7. Hello All, Long time lurker and big LTT Fan. Ill get straight to the point. What is The best Ram I can get for Ryzen 2700x? I mainly game, but i do some solidworks stuff for work "occasionally." (PUBG, BF5, Warframe, Monster Hunter) Budget: <$400 Prefer to keep 32GB but not necessary Currently RAM is white, but color is 2ndary to speed. NOT OC'd cuz when i try it the computer becomes unstable Currently CPU OC'd to 4.15 stable. Would like to get more? 2? 2.5? Backstory: Just started building and modding my computer for the last 2 years. New to the hobby and there are tons of information on the subject, but i need some hand-holding. Im new to overclocking as well and the whole computer lifestyle. Please feel free to educate me if you see something off. Current Build Case: Corsair 570x FANS: 6x Corsair 120mm RGB Fans (Not including CPU & PSU) MOBO: MSI X470 Gaming Plus (has latest BIOS) CPU: Ryzen 2700x CPU Cooler:Thermaltake Contac Silent w/ Corsair 120mm FAN GPU: Asus Strix 2080 PSU: Corsair CX750 RAM: Corsair Vengence 32GB DDR4 2666 CMU32GX4M4A2666C16 Again, please feel free to educate me in the ways