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  1. Well it didn't go away when I decided to play some Dark Souls. The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn't really remind me of coil whine. I would expect more of a squeal when what I really got is more like a growl. Unpleasant anyway.
  2. Yeah that's one thing but actually some snowflake PSUs can cause GPU whining
  3. Hello everyone! Yes... Once you hear it you can't unhear it. I've discovered coil whine in my rig yesterday. The low-to-mid pitched, yet very fast clicking/ticking noise appears to be coming out of my GPU. It's especially disturbing since my rig is near silent. The noise appears just as the GPU goes under 3D load. It doesn't change in pitch at all. Once I take away the load the noise stops. I can swap between 100% / 0% load states very fast in Unigine Heaven by pausing and the sound follows the load pattern exactly. I've been using this rig for over a month and didn't notice it before. Could it just appear yesterday? GPU: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 PSU: Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550W I don't really have another PSU or GPU to swap (no onboard GPU). Does anyone know which of my hardware could cause this issue? Edit: Not my vid, but this is how it sounds like
  4. Oh, didn't know about that. I'll try to stick to the default setting then. Thank you very much again!
  5. Okaaay thank you very much for the detailed answers. I'm gonna check that WHEA thing you mentioned and disable LLC or set it in a less aggresive mode at least. What about the SOC voltage? Should I leave it on auto or bring it up in more-less the same ratio I bring up the CPU voltage? And also do you know anything about safe voltage limit for day to day use on Ryzen? Does it cause any extra wear on the chip?
  6. Well that calmed me down. Thank you. BTW do you think LLC is necessary in this config? I just hoped to enable higher LLC setting and lower the CPU voltage to allow it to boost to 1.37 when it needs it while maintaining lower 1.3 on idle.
  7. Well that was my original thought but Aida64 stresstest can go on forever AFAIK. So basically putting any more stress with mouse pointer movement will make any system under 100% synthetic load freeze?
  8. Hola I am experiencing some weird system freezes after pushing my Ryzen to 4.0 GHz. System spec: MOBO: Asus Prime B350-Plus CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 obsiously RAM: DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3000 MHz @ 2933 MHz - 1.35V GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX580 Nitro+ PSU: 550W Seasonic Focus Plus Gold CPU cooler: AiO CoolerMaster Master Liquid 240 Lite Fan config: 2x140 intake, 1x120 + 240 AiO exhaust So what I basically do is change the core ratio from stock 34 to 40 and push the VDDCR CPU voltage up to about 1.33-1.35V in offset mode. I have also disabled the AMD's prorietary core performance boost since I didn't want to stack overclocks and set the performance bias to none. I have increased the stock VDDCR SOC voltage by 0.2V in offset mode but I am not really aware of what this parameter really does - I've just read about it. I have also set the load line calibration setting to High on both VDDCR CPU and VDDCR SOC since I've read that it allows both to get just a small voltage boost when the system is on the edge of stability. I am stresstesting my system with Aida64 Extreme and the CPU temp doesn't go above 55C after 30 minutes of 100% load. In CPU-Z I've never seen the CPU voltage go above 1.37V. The CPU power package is aroud 95-100W tops. No restarts, no bluescreens BUT sometimes when I try to do anything during the stresstest (like moving the mouse pointer around, browse through my files) my system can randomly freeze for couple of seconds and then fully recover. Cinebench R15 is pretty good with the score of 1350 but after 3-4 cycles it slows down to 350 and won't get up until i restart the system (temps are fine). I went back to the stock CPU settings after discovering that. Is that a sign of a bad overclock? What could I do to improve?