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  1. Ya... But is there anything i could possibly do? I mean software wise.
  2. Hey, I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro that has been running pretty slow when starting up from shut down, the cpu is pegged at 100% for about a minute is there anything that I can do to further optimize it? I have already upgraded to 8gb's of ram and switched out the H.D.D to a SSD.
  3. Ya it could be the video card but, it might also be the driver you said that you are behind a little bit on the drivers. Maybe if you update it it will get rid of the badly installed one and rewrite it. Just try a lot of different things.
  4. You might want to try to right click on the Nvidia control panel and select exit, it should open back up in the icon bar and try to set up your monitors after it pops back up in the icon bar.
  5. I see that's very odd, sorry that I didn't quite understand. Ya i'm the same way I could never go back to just one monitor.
  6. Here maybe this will help. EDIT: This is my dual monitor setup try to mirror this but without turning monitor 2 vertically unless of course that's what you want. Also did you want to have the displays act as one single display or have them be their own independent displays?
  7. Yes but not in Device Manager which is interesting.
  8. Hi, so I cloned my original OS drive (Windows 7) and replaced it with the new one. When I went back into the Computer tab in Windows to see all of the drives, it shows the original and the new one even though the old one has been disconnected sort of like a "Zombie Drive". Is this normal?
  9. Oh sorry i must have missed that part in the original post I guess.
  10. Yes. And yes it could be the cable/ adapter, you might want to try unplugging and replugging the adapter/ cable in and or switching them. It might be that a wire broke inside of the adapter/ cable to.
  11. Go into Nvidia control panel and go to the tab that is called "Set up multiple displays" its under the displays tab. From there make sure that both of your monitors are enabled normally when you have 2 or more displays hooked up you need to enable them for the to be usable.
  12. And did you attempt to configure it in Nvidia control panel?