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  1. nosferati

    msi afterburner problem

    you cnt undervolt with that.
  2. nosferati

    msi afterburner problem

    what windows 10 version do you have 1709 or 1803?
  3. nosferati

    msi afterburner problem

    what a pile of shit it worked on my pc lol and i also noticed msi afterburner causes high cpu clocks at idle its ussual 1.5ghz -2,5ghz but when msi afterburner is running its constantly at 3,3-3,9ghz in idle well that programm went full retard. it was so good years ago.
  4. nosferati

    msi afterburner problem

    hello i have this laptop Acer Predator Helios 300 (PH315-51-53MU). But msi afterburner is not keeping the undervolt and i dont know why? i saved profile i applied overclock after start up.....on desktop it works flawlessly. Undervolt is stable as i can play with it when applied by hand for hours and hours. its just to keep the temps lower because of laptop you know. But whats weird when i start laptop everything seems fine even msi afterburner shos that its correct until im ingame then it shows me on the overlay that its default setting yet msi afterbuner says my profile is in. never saw that problem ever before can someone help me please and sorry for my bad english.