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  1. Completely forgot about ASUS for a moment. While it would be nice to have the Rapture AX11000, holy shit it's around $500. From looking at other products and the marketing, kinda seems like most of their gaming focused routers have the same basic functionality and software. They really like to describe their features instead of using a single term across all products. That's what I got from their honestly stupid ROG marketing. Makes it more confusing when they just throw out random numbers that have no real world meaning whatsoever. I think a better fit for my use case and budget would be the RT-AX88U. Thankfully it's available on Amazon.de because I would have to pay $162.46 for shipping otherwise . Appreciate the input!
  2. Slight correction, just checked on their website, they do offer to put the box in bridge mode. Thanks for the information! I guess I'm all set pretty much.
  3. Thank you for replying. Yea I figured combos would be a bad fit for my use case but it's always worth exploring all options. Most of the modern devices are seperate and probably for a reason. I don't think I've stumbled upon a single "gaming" combo from a well known brand. Well aware the placement for it isn't great but I'm the only tech savy person in my family that actually appreciates a better connection so I'm not too worried about that. No complains from them yet. I will be moving it at some point. Probably should've said that my main issue is that any heavier (at least for my connection, copper and around 30/5) usage spikes my ping to 200-250. Even a 1080p Youtube video impacts my gaming experience significantly. And don't get me started on downloads/updates on other devices. Might just be a really bad ISP box, it's pretty old by now. More than 6 years I think. And like I said, the software is hot pile of garbage so no tinkering can really help. The RT2600AC seems pretty good so far. Good looking interface, pretty decent specs for home use, auto switching for 2.4 and 5GHz, great security, traffic monitoring and bandwidth allocation. And the website specifically says it's available in Croatia which is always appreciated. Will definitely consider it. How is the firmware support for things like that? Can I expect updates for decent routers or is that a rare more of a bug fix thing? Around 200$ is the range I was aiming for so that's not an issue. I'm always down to invest in something that is actually worth it. Technically not how you would use the word invest but you know what I mean. If they can? I assume you mean contacting my ISP by that. Is there anything I can do if they refuse? A static IP is not a common thing here and you actually pay extra for it so I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Sorry for hammering on every detail about a simple upgrade but I like to be prepared and plan ahead. I'll do some more research on your suggestion and sorry for any errors made, replying from my phone. No red underline if something is spelled wrong hahaha. Cheers!
  4. I'm planning to buy an XR500 from Netgear but I've seen a lot of people saying it's not worth it because the hardware is outdated and it's support is not the best. I really like the customization of DumaOS and quite frankly that's my main reason for choosing that router. I'm not comfortable buying the low end one but I'm also not spending 500$ on something that I won't actually use (the XR700). Some of the marketing points they use are pretty compelling and eye-catching. In particular their "Anti-Buffer Bloat" which seems like a nice thing to have. That might just be a fancy name for something most new routers have, not sure about that one. I'm looking for opinions on the XR500 or any good alternatives with decent QoS settings and a good OS. Not looking for anything overkill, just a good router to improve gaming experience, with other people downloading/streaming content at the same time (or not). Also, are there any "gaming" focused router/modem combos that are worth buying? Currently I have a ZyXEL VMG5313-B30A router/modem provided by my ISP. It's. Fucking. Abominable. If there aren't any good gaming r/m combos I'm more than comfortable converting the one I have right now to be used just as a modem. It's not something I have done before but I'm always up for a challenge and some learning. ^^That being said, I do want something new with latest mainstream technology that will easily last for 5 years (or more). Some notes on usage/nice things to have: QoS that's "optimized" for gaming (if that's even a thing but I think most of you will know what I mean) 5GHz support dual-band WiFi (at least) WiFi 6 would be a nice future-proof thing to have but not necessary an OS that's at least correctly categorized and makes sense being able to use a VPN on the router (or modem, not sure where that would go) if that's possible decent security being able to see which devices is using how much bandwidth and on what would be amazing but also not necessary PC and PS4 connected via a wire, 6+ devices connected via WiFi (mix of laptops, TVs and phones) router would be placed in the corner of the house with anything connected via a wire being in the same room tl;dr I'm here to get some help and get educated on things mentioned without dealing with biased and/or false information. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on anything. Also, none of the recommendations need to have gaming as a marketing point, I'm using that word to best describe my use case. Please suggest things that aren't available just on Amazon. I've seen import fees and shipping costs to Croatia above 100$ (from the US at least)...