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  1. yes. $1000 for the entire build. honestly idk but i am willing to spend around 100-150 for the motherboard
  2. I am building a new system and i am going to use a ryzen 5 3600. However, I am not sure what motherboard to get. The B550 or B450. If B550, which B550 board to get?
  3. oh rlly i did not know dat. So now u can use free sync with nvidia card? SO paying for g sync is no longer worth it? cus i got 2 rigs. i witha rtx 2080 n another with a 1070 ti. Both with nvidia cards.
  4. Hi, I am looking at these 2 monitors however not sure which is more worth it. PLs tell me which is more worth it. Thanks. ASUS XG27VQ ASUS VG278Q
  5. Yes it is which is y i wanted either 1 of these mousepads.
  6. Hi, i am currently looking at a few mousepads. The zowie g-sr, ASUS Sheath, Glorious 3XL the Steelseries QCK+ XXL n the Steelseries Qck heavy XXL. Pls recommend me which i should get thanks.
  7. ok another thing do i need to mount my rog strix 1080 ti vertically onto my h500p?
  8. Hi, I want to mount a 240mm radiator on top of my coolermaster h500p but unfortunately idk how. Can someone pls tell me how. I am a noob
  9. i am not sure. but i am now looking at msi and gigabbyte aorus gpu. not sure which to get