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  1. Thank you. I'll look into Corsair's RMx-series. Are the Cooler Master PSU's shite? Never heard anybody actually recommend them.
  2. Could you elaborate? I've read very good reviews about the G3, and the fan-noise problem seems to be resolved, according to the recent reviews.
  3. As said earlier, i've already purchased the GPU, motherboard and cooler. Regardless, that build would be far out. I live in northern Norway, and half of those parts are not even remotely available. Would never go for many of those anyways, looks sketchy. ASRock? ADATA? Cryorig? Never heard of any of them. Also, Seagate Barracuda? Nope. Thank you for the suggestion though, preciate it.
  4. The 650w version is literally cheaper than the 550w/500w versions, at least in my store. Think i'll take the 650w G3.
  5. Welp, guess you're right. No joke, always thought the i5-line was "5600".
  6. Nope, meant the i5-5600k. Last part of reply was meant for kian. Sorry for not clarifying.
  7. You got a point there mate. The price difference between a Z-motherboard and a B-one kinda defeats the whole saving money thing though (Atleast where i live). Also, the 650W PSU is there for future proofing for any upgrades. The EVGA PSU's have 10 year warranty, so that definitely helps too.
  8. The 'puter is meant for gaming and maybe some light rendering. I've already bought the cooler, GPU and motherboard on sale. The cooler is definitely overkill, but got if for cheaper than the 120mm version, so win-win i guess? Might switch out the motherboard for a Z-version and get the i7-8700k? That might end up in a gpu bottleneck tho. Reason i chose the i7 over the i5-5600k is because i'm not confident with having a overclocked cpu at all times, and the i7 is faster stock.
  9. Heyo guys, so i'm going to build my first desktop beauty in a couple of weeks and have some questions that needs solving. I got the final partlist right here. And no, please don't flip your shit when you see the case. It's literally one of the 3 cases i can pick up in my local store, and it's the best choice i've got atm. Might buy the mesh front if temps get problematic. I'm debating with myself if i need the G2 powersupply, or just go for the 20$ cheaper GQ version. Heard the G2 version is a safer bet, higher quality and longer lasting? And also, the riser cable is for bling only, got it for free from a friend. Anybody of you pro's see any flaws in my list?