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  1. for linux normally we use testdisk, well you can run it in windows too but it come with high learning curve if your drive is using mbr, then it could be mbr table corrupted you can try rebuilding mbr, backup everything and convert it to gpt (normally your files will be deleted) which have redundancy by design less susceptible to corruption
  2. Well its the same for seagate and toshiba too they should be upfront about the product spec, i guess this is partially my fault for not doing research. YUP you are right, driven by anger i just brought a samsung 4tb SSD, hope that i'm not lucky that it failed on me too. But then again, I can't just ignore the money i spend on this HDD, its hard earn money !!!
  3. @ShortRouter I do have western digital and seagate drives, infact if you look at my first thread, i have like 8 drives, 1 SSD and 7HDD, but i do agree that drives do fail as when they age cause i do had wd drive fail on me before and the same with seagate, since i'm no IT expert in HDD nor experience in tech support industry i won't say which brand is better. But for current experience, seagate send me 2 bad drives, its kinda unacceptable right now i just want to bang my head agnist the wall and ask WHY? SEAGATE HOW DO THAT HAPPENED?
  4. brought a new seagate 2tb hard drive failed in second day, then found out the huge shaddy marketing of hdd manufacturer got a replacement, its bad and reported for another replacement. The 3rd replacement came, and failed instantly CRC error, clicking sound and unable to initialize, i feel so angry and dumb at the same time. is seagate quality still bad? Or I'm just very lucky and should buy lottery? Should i just demand a return and refund? Mov_0046-1.m4v
  5. use macrium reflect free version install and thick download winPE at the same time create a bootable winPE USB drive (it will delete everything on your USB drive) using macrium reflect unplug all other drive you don't want to clone to avoid clone mistake boot into the winPE usb drive select your HDD click clone this, do not trust the C / D / E / F.... assignment it can be random select your samsung SSD as destination, adjust the free space etc, enable trim, start cloning there are a bit of learning curve, but there are plenty of youtube videos about it the guides in their website comprehensive
  6. if you just want to recover and copy out some files, https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva if you want to recover the whole partition you might need to pay, https://www.diskpart.com/compare-edition.html?from=en.nav.for-home this offer some recovery but free version is limited edit: ok it seem like they have remove the recovery for the free version, i remember older free version they allow limited partition size recovery
  7. I'm sad the new HDD is giving me the same problem again, this time it even worst as it fail to do it expected jobs when i'm running multiple programs it seem like the manufacturers are cutting cost and trying to kill HDD
  8. yup thanks, I will rma it, at start it worry me cause I don't understand what do uncorrectable sector count mean. Now I fully understand it after some explanation of my ex IT colleague. He explained, hdd manufacturer will reject warranty claim based just on uncorrectable sector count as numerous things can cause them some which might not be the fault of hdd and based on his experience western digital and Seagate reject them without any checking from their side, many times its a hassle. now i'm doing disk surface test, hopefully my rma process will be smooth and quick
  9. Update on my newly received replacement drive its giving me uncorectable sector count again and programs crashes, after diagnostic and explainantion of my ex colleague it seem like my newly purchashed hard disk drive is SMR, SMR drive allow data to be written stacked on top of used track idling time of the drive is crucial so that the drive can prepare and reorganize its SMR track which may translate to bad write time when the drive is full or almost full as the drive have no new space to write on instead it has to reorganize and write at the same time It shouldn't give you any problems if you run a programs (installed in the smr drive) at a time but problems start to show when you are running multiple data edit intensive programs when the drive is almost full example my senario playing games, patching stuffs, downloading and uncompressing stuffs in the background it give CRC error and crashes the programs I'm disapointed with the manufacturers are not upfront about this, since nowadays processors are far more capable of doing multitasking IF the old PMR (CMR) drive are capable of doing all this, then SMR should be able to do this too, if not they should upfront about it or they should disclose about the spec telling the consumers its SMR drive; even for SSD dram or dramless not forcing the consumers to google and dig for information and sometime even play the guessing games, whether the spec have changed I'm filling unfair trade complaints for their shady practice on its seagate barracuda lines, and it seem like other manufacturers are doing it too be aware guys https://blocksandfiles.com/2020/04/29/toshiba-consumer-disk-drives-smr-list/ https://www.extremetech.com/computing/309730-western-digital-comes-clean-shares-which-hard-drives-use-smr https://blocksandfiles.com/2020/04/15/seagate-2-4-and-8tb-barracuda-and-desktop-hdd-smr/
  10. well actually the cpu installing tools help grandpa with very poor eyesight with their pc building experience